April 3, 2022

Top 15 Flow Blockchain NFTs

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For people exploring a new blockchain it can be difficult to quickly gain a holistic view of the top projects operating within the ecosystem. To try and overcome this for people coming into Flow Blockchain, we have compiled a list of the top 15 top Flow Blockchain NFT collections based on total sales. You can find the complete Flow Blockchain sales rankings and stats on our rankings page

Here are the top 15 Flow Blockchain NFT projects by total sales

1. NBA Top Shot

Category: Sports, Total Sales: $1.1b

Flow Blockchain is largely known in the crypto community for its flagship application, NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot is a platform for buying and selling video highlights/ snippets from the NBA as digital collectibles called moments. These moments can be acquired by randomly through buying packs or through trading them on the secondary marketplace. 

2. NFL All Day 

Category: Sports, Total Sales: $50m

NFL All Day is the sequel to NBA Top Shot. It’s a platform for buying and selling officially licensed NFL collectible video highlights which are represented as NFTs on Flow Blockchain. The collectibles are also called ‘Moments’ and like Top Shot can be bought either through opening packs to get random moments, or buying directly in the platform’s official marketplace. 

3. Ballerz

Category: Avatar/ PFP, Total Sales: $13m

Ballerz was the first PFP (aka avatar) NFT collection on Flow to garner significant traction. It’s a collection of 10,000 generative pixelated basketball player NFTs. Ballerz first appeared in Flow Fest mystery packs before their public sale on Gaia Marketplace which netted $1.8m. The NFTs provide owners with benefits including access to future collections (such as the already released Sneakerz airdrop), utility, experiences in the real world, gameplay leveraging Ballerz traits (each Baller has stats and a team) and community. 

4. UFC Strike

Category: Sports, Total Sales: $12m

UFC Strike is similar to NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day being a collection of officially licensed UFC collectible video highlights. Like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, these moments can be acquired via directly buying packs from regular pack drops or through purchasing with traders on their secondary marketplace. UFC heavyweight champions have been spotted out in the wild wearing their own KO NFT moments on necklaces. 

5. Matrix World

Category: Metaverse, Total Sales: $7m

Matrix World is a programmable 3D multi-chain metaverse that has so far released NFTs across two different blockchains: Flow Blockchain and Ethereum. In a similar fashion to Decentraland and The Sandbox, Matrix World sold virtual land with great success as all land sold out and is now only available to purchase on secondary markets like OpenSea and BloctoBay. The 3D world itself has not yet launched but aims to allow creators to build 3D Dapps and be multi-chain. Many Flow NFT projects have bought digital land in Matrix World and intend to develop this including us (Flowverse), Dapper Labs, Party Goobz and more. 

6. Evolution (Ben Mauro)

Category: Art, Total Sales: $5m

Ben Mauro’s Evolution was one of the earliest NFT collections on Flow besides NBA Top Shot, launching on the VIV3 marketplace and selling out 4784 packs in 7 minutes for a total of 2M USD. It’s a limited edition collectible NFT artwork series created by Ben Mauro over the course of 10 years. The art showcases a diverse range of characters, creatures and fantastical alien lifeforms that could evolve throughout the galaxy. Ben Mauro himself was a senior concept designed and art director on some of the biggest AAA game and film franchises in the world including The Hobbit trilogy, Call of Duty and Halo.

7. Chainmonsters

Category: Gaming, Total Sales: $3m

Chainmonsters is a free-to-play monster taming MMORPG with a fully player-driven economy. The game mechanics enable catching, battling, trading, exploring and combining monsters together to counter your opponents. You can think of this one as a 3D version of Pokemon with a Studio Ghibli inspired art style that you can explore & play with your friends where everything in-game (Chainmons, items, cosmetics) is an NFT that can be traded in the in-game marketplace or outside of the game itself.  

8. Flunks

Category: Avatar/ PFP, Total Sales: $2.5m

Flunks is the newest project in the top 15 list of Flow Blockchain NFTs. The name Flunks comes from a combination of ‘Flow’ and ‘Punks’ i.e. Flow + Punks = Flunks. The NFT collection consists of 9,999 Flunks (i.e. PFP/ Avatar NFTs) and the goal is to be a safe, relatable and welcoming community on the Flow Blockchain for everyone. The project also plays on high school nostalgia where having a Flunk enables you to represent your clique & partake in exclusive school clubs run by the Flunk community.

9. MISA.art

Category: Art (marketplace), Total Sales: $2.3m

Misa.art is the only online marketplace that brings emerging and established artists together and offers a range of traditional and digital art. Beyond curating traditional art, they also have an NFT marketplace built on Flow. misa.art makes NFTs accessible for everyone and non crypto-native users can easily purchase MISA.art NFTs using credit cards with a crypto wallet automatically created at checkout. 

10. Flovatar

Category: Avatar/ PFP, Total Sales: $2.2m

Flovatar is a next generation PFP (avatar) NFT collection which uniquely enables users to become creators. Users can buy NFT sparks and Flobits through their marketplace and then combine them in an avatar builder to create their own custom Flovatar. Unlike many NFT projects that only store ownership on the blockchain, Flovatar stores each NFT directly on Flow. All Flovatar owners have a full commercial license. The $DUST fungible token will be given to Flovatar’s daily over the next 10 years similar to CyberKongz on Ethereum.

11. Hoodlums

Category: Avatar/ PFP, Total Sales: $2.1m

Hoodlums are the first PFP NFT on Flow Blockchain. They are a set of 5,000 uniquely generated characters with traits based on trends seen on social media, music festivals and vintage stores around the world. The hoodlums artwork was designed by Somehoodlum - a high-profile artist prior to releasing this collection and  who is connected with the world's famous rappers e.g. FUTURE, 21 Savage. Holding a Hoodlums NFT provides access to airdrops of more NFTs in the collection like instruments as well as access to exclusive IRL events where you can bring a +1.


Category: Music, Total Sales: $1.8m

RCRDSHP is a curated digital collectibles platform, built for and by the electronic music industry. As such, RCRDSHP partners with creators (established and upcoming DJs, producers, labels, festivals organizers, clubs, event promoters, visual artists, and other denizens of the dance music world) to release their NFTs. Users can buy their NFTs via their secondary marketplace or in initial pack drops. 

13. Starly

Category: Art (marketplace), Total Sales: $1.7m

Starly is a launchpad and marketplace for gasified NFT collections on Flow. It enables partnering creators to create Top Shot style NFT packs of their own content end-to-end. 

14. Zeedz

Category: Collectibles, Total Sales: $1.7m

Zeedz is the first play-for-purpose game where players reduce global carbon emissions by collecting plant-inspired creatures: the Zeedles. They live as NFTs on the eco-friendly Flow blockchain and grow with the real-world weather.

15. nWayPlay

Category: Collectibles, Total Sales: $1.3m

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, launched NFT Olympic pins in the nWayPlay marketplace, as well as cross-play multiplayer video games developed by nWay as part of a new licensing agreement with the IOC.

Special mentions of untracked Flow Projects

This section is for Flow projects whose sales are currently not tracked in the Flowverse rankings.


Category: Avatar/ Fashion

Genies is a leading 3D NFT avatar technology company. They partnered with Dapper to build the Warehouse, a NFT marketplace on Flow for the Genies avatars and digital merchandise for them to wear. They also have partnerships with numerous celebrities, influencers and brands and recently made their biggest announcement yet – turning over 100% of commercial rights to owners.


Category: Sports

FanCraze is creating the metaverse for cricket. Similar to NBA Top Shot for the NBA, FanCraze enables users to collect officially-licensed highlights i.e. "moments" as officially-licensed cricket NFTs from the ICC. Moments can be collected through buying and opening packs, traded in the secondary marketplace and used in games/ applications to earn rewards. Recently FanCraze raised a $100m funding round including Cristiano Ronaldo as an investor.

More Flow NFTs

Here we have just listed the top 15 Flow Blockchain NFTs by total sales, however there are so many more to explore including over 50 ranked collections. You can view all Flow NFTs here, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest NFT launches on Flow through our Flow NFT calendar.

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