July 12, 2022

The Complete Guide to Flow Blockchain NFT Marketplaces

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What's an NFT Marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is a website you can use to buy and sell NFTs. They can be thought of as similar to Amazon or eBay but for digital assets. 

On Ethereum, the go-to NFT marketplace is Opensea and on Solana, Magic Eden.

So what’s the equivalent for Flow Blockchain?

In this article we will cover all major NFT marketplaces on Flow Blockchain.

Last updated on 17th February 2023.

General Flow NFT marketplaces

General purpose marketplaces enable NFTs from all kinds of different categories to be bought and sold i.e. avatar, sports, music, art etc.

Flowverse NFT

Flowverse NFT is Flowverse's own NFT marketplace.

It launched in February 2023. You can also view Flow Blockchain NFT stats on Flowverse NFT. At time of writing, it only supports buying and selling with the FLOW token. Though it provides an easy guide on how to purchase FLOW here.

Supported Wallet/s: Dapper Wallet, Lilico, Blocto

NFT Collections listed: Flowverse NFT currently has 5 Flow NFT collections tradable. These are Hoodlums, Doodles 2, Flowverse Mystery Pass, Flowverse Socks and Treasures.

Gaia Marketplace

Gaia Marketplace is the leading Flow Blockchain marketplace by liquidity.

The Gaia NFT marketplace enables users to seamlessly buy NFTs using a credit card or cryptocurrency via Dapper Wallet. As such, if you’re brand new to Flow Blockchain NFTs or coming from NBA Top Shot, Gaia Marketplace is a great place to start due to it’s simplicity for beginners. At time of writing, it is also the only general purpose marketplace for Dapper wallet NFTs on Flow.

Supported Wallet/s: Dapper Wallet

NFT Collections listed: Gaia Marketplace currently has 24 Flow NFT collections available. The most popular ones are Ballerz, Flunks, Doodles 2, Dimension X, Flovatar, Pirates of the Metaverse, NBA Top Shot and Sneakerz.


BloctoBay is an NFT marketplace built by the creators of Blocto wallet. The BloctoBay marketplace has the broadest range of Flow NFT collections (nearly 30) integrated including popular NFTs such as Matrix World, Chainmonsters, Jambb, NBA Top Shot and more. 

The experience is similar to Opensea in that you directly connect your Flow wallet (Blocto wallet) to their platform to buy and sell NFTs. Unlike most Flow marketplaces, the BloctoBay marketplace is purely for buying and selling NFTs that have already launched - you can’t mint / create NFTs on this platform.

Supported Wallet/s: Blocto Wallet

NFT Collections listed: 42

Matrix Market

Matrix Market describes itself as the first all-in-one marketplace for creators, collectors, and traders on Flow.

The marketplace launched recently, with a very Opensea-feel to it enabling anyone to create NFT collections on Flow with collection rankings.

Supported Wallet/s: Blocto Wallet, Lilico

NFT Collections listed: 50+


On top of offering NFT loans and rentals (NFTfi), Flowty recently built a Flow NFT marketplace. It has support for all Flow wallets and currencies.

Supported Wallet/s: Dapper Wallet, Blocto Wallet, Lilico, NuFi, Flipper

NFT Collections listed: All NFTs listed in NFT Catalog.


.find is a place to find people and things on the Flow Blockchain. They are a Flow naming service and gallery with a marketplace for trading Flow NFTs.

Supported Wallet/s: Lilico, Blocto, NuFi, Flipper

NFT Collections listed: All NFTs listed in NFT Catalog.


Starly is a gamified launchpad and marketplace for Flow NFT collections. It enables partnering creators to release Top Shot style NFT packs of their own content end-to-end and makes it easy for creators to reward their most dedicated fans.

Supported Wallet/s: Blocto Wallet

NFT Collections listed: All NFTs seem to be under the Starly collection but they do drops with many different artists.


VIV3 was the first general marketplace on Flow and also launched one of the earliest NFT collections, Evolution by Ben Mauro.

The VIV3 marketplace is integrated with multiple Flow NFT collections including NBA Top Shot, Canes Vault, Dark Country, Moto GP Ignition, Vault by CNN, Evolution and Chainmonsters. They also partner with curated artists to drop their own NFTs. Similar to BloctoBay, this marketplace uses the Blocto wallet.

Supported Wallet/s: Blocto Wallet, Flipper, NuFi, Lilico

NFT Collections listed: 45


Zeero is an NFT marketplace launched by the Flunks team. They were the first zero-platform-fee marketplace on Flow.

Supported Wallet/s: Dapper Wallet

NFT Collections listed: Zeero currently has three NFT collections listed. These are Flunks, Inception Animals and Flunks Backpacks.

Sturdy Exchange

Sturdy Exchange is a curated NFT marketplace. Sturdy Exchange works directly with creators to bring exclusive collections to their marketplace. Sturdy Exchange is home to the first ever PFP on Flow Blockchain - Hoodlums as well as the recently launched Analogs NFTs.

The marketplace enables users to participate in highly curated initial NFT drops as well as buy and sell NFTs in the secondary marketplace. They have an inbuilt Flow wallet system and enable you to pay for NFTs using credit card, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Supported Wallet/s: Dapper Wallet

NFT Collections listed: Sturdy Exchange currently has 13 collections listed including Hoodlums, Lumstruments, Holiday Mystery Boxes and Analogs.


Mynft is a platform designed to connect East and West markets. Like Rarible, they are a permissionless marketplace where anyone can mint 1/1 NFTs for a fee of 1 FLOW. Two of their most popular collections released were Cyber Monkeys and Flowns. The marketplace utilises the Blocto wallet. 

Mynft also has a native token, $MY which can be used to vote on creators and earn rewards.

Supported Wallet/s: Blocto Wallet

NFT Collections listed: Mynft currently has two NFT collections listed. These are Flowns domains and Mynft.


Epix Industries is building a world of collectibles that blends the ownership and authenticity of NFTs with interactive technology and breathtaking visuals. Their marketplace aims to bridge Custodial/Non-custodial - Crypto/Fiat - Digital/Physical and interconnect premium collections, trading cards and game assets in their ecosystem.

So far, Epix has released two collections in their marketplace: Hip Hop Icons and Enemy Metal.

Supported Wallet/s: Blocto Wallet

NFT Collections listed: Epix currently has two NFT collections listed. These are I.AM NFT Awards and Hip Hop Icons.

Unblocked (coming soon)

Unblocked creates newly imagined NFT applications that enable music & entertainment brands to build meaningful value for their communities. They provide white-label marketplaces to brands as well as operating their own NFT marketplace, unblocked.exchange. Unblocked is a fully custodial solution operating their own wallet with payment via debit card. 

Supported Wallet/s: Unblocked Custodial Wallet

NFT Collections listed: They have not yet launched their secondary marketplace (NFTs cannot be sold yet).

Specific Flow NFT marketplaces

Specific NFT marketplaces are those focused on a specific category i.e. a marketplace specifically catered to music or specifically catered to fine art.


RCRSHP is a marketplace for initial NFT drops and secondary market sales of music and related digital collectibles.


Xtingles is the world’s first ASMR NFT marketplace for artists to auction their ASMR Digital Art and for NFT connoisseurs to discover personalized sensory soundscapes that can be uniquely theirs. They have their our own in-house production arm that renders audio and visual content for ASMR artists.


NOWwhere is a two-sided blockchain-backed intelligent NFT marketplace positioning themselves to be the gateway for traditional artists to enter the NFT space, bringing new users to Flow Blockchain.


Blockparty is a platform for artists and musicians entering the NFT space by providing a wide range of options like customizable storefronts, accepting crypto or USD payments, and the ability to mint digital and physical artworks on Ethereum or eco-friendly FLOW with no gas fees. They operate an NFT marketplace and auction platform.

Disrupt Art

Disrupt Art is a curated NFT marketplace where Artists, Activists, and Allies intersect to revolutionize the social impact of Art, Music, Fashion, and Film.


AvatarArt is a marketplace for minting and trading curated physical artworks on Flow


FanFare aims to be the most accessible open marketplace for music NFTs.

Sports Flow NFT marketplaces 

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot enables users to buy, sell, and collect Officially Licensed NFTs of NBA highlights called "moments”.

NFL All Day

NFL All Day has a marketplace for buying & selling digital video collectibles of Iconic NFL Moments.


FanCraze enables trading of digital video collectibles of iconic Cricket Moments officially licensed by the ICC.

UFC Strike

UFC Strike's marketplace is for buying, selling, trading and collecting officially licensed UFC NFTs.

The Football Club

The Football Club is an NFT based fantasy football manager app where players earn coins, collect & trade officially licensed football & lifestyle NFT items for their 3D Avatar and interact with other players. The Football Club marketplace enables the release of officially licensed Bundesliga NFTs as well as their secondary trading.


RacedayNFT is a first-of-its-kind motorsports NFT marketplace for race fans offering various collectibles - officially authenticated and verified on the Flow Blockchain.


The nWayPlay marketplace enables collectors to buy and sell NFTs with officially licensed IP such as the Olympics.

MotoGP™ Ignition

MotoGP™ Ignition is a licensed MotoGP™ game that provides players with two core experiences: Collection and Competition. They have an official marketplace on Flow to trade their NFTs.

The Player’s Lounge™

The Players' Lounge™ is a platform built by lettermen to empower relationships within the collegiate sports community through connecting current and former athletes with their respective fan bases while providing opportunities for student-athletes to monetize their individual brands. They have a marketplace for trading NFTs from their DGD Mafia collection.

AFL Mint (coming soon)

AFL Mint is the only official marketplace to collect licensed AFL NFTs. AFL Mint will offer exclusive AFL items showcasing the iconic moments, spectacular highlights, and players as NFTs.


OpenLocker aims to connect fans & athletes with our blockchain and NFT platform.

Canes Vault

Canes Vault is the official NFT marketplace for the Miami Hurricanes.

Fantastec Swap

Fantastec Swap marketplace offers officially licensed Arsenal FC, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid CF NFTs.

Atlanta Hawks NFTs

Atlanta Hawks have an NFT marketplace for their official NFTs.

Costacos Collection

Costacos Collection is a marketplace for legendary NFT sports art and collectibles.

Chicago Bulls NFTs

The Chicago Bulls launched the Chicago Bulls Legacy Collection on Flow. They have their own secondary marketplace for trading these NFTs.


The Dooverse marketplace enables moment collectibles for Korean baseball team Doosan Bears to be traded.

Application specific Flow marketplaces 

Application specific marketplaces are NFT marketplaces that are built specifically for one application.

Genies Warehouse

Genies is the leading digital avatar company that has launched its marketplace, Genies Warehouse, on Flow. Here you will be able to buy, sell and trade virtual clothing for your Genie. The marketplace is currently invite only.


Flovatar is a next generation PFP project built on Flow where collectors take the creative lead to shape their own unique characters. They have their own NFT marketplace for buying and selling sparks, flovatars and flobits.

The Fabricant 

The Fabricant is a digital Fashion House on Flow Blockchain. They have a marketplace for trading their NFTs.

Enemy Metal

Enemy Metal is an NFT collection that is set across the galaxy, where the first collection is the base on which the Enemy Metal Universe will be built. They have their own NFT marketplace built by Epix.

Party Gooberz

The Party Goobz are a comical generative NFT set on Flow with their own marketplace for trading Goobz NFTs.


.find is a place to find people and things on the Flow Blockchain. They are a Flow naming service and gallery with a marketplace for trading .find domain names.

NFT TopExpo

NFT TopExpo is a Flow-based marketplace for trading Dark Country game NFTs.

Blocklete Games

Blocklete Games is the first ever investment-style golf management NFT mobile app play to earn game, where your golf game skill determines your outcomes. They have their own marketplace for trading their NFTs.

Vault by CNN

Vault by CNN's marketplace enables anyone to buy or sell historic moment NFTs from CNN's 40 year history.

The Next Cartel

The Next Cartel's marketplace place enables users to buy or sell The Next Cartel's digital fashion NFTs.


RareRooms is a 3D/VR enabled metaverse that allows collectors to curate and showcase their NFTs as well as allow brands to have amazing virtual storefronts and customizable spaces that allow their fans to truly experience their NFTs. They have an NFT marketplace which currently enables trading of NFTs such as RareBalls and Metaverse Keys.

Yahoo Taiwan

Yahoo Taiwan partnered with Blocto to release an NFT store. It only supports credit cards issued in Taiwan but NFTs can be traded on BloctoBay after initial sale.

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