March 28, 2022

How to buy an NFT on Flow Blockchain

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Before buying an NFT on Flow Blockchain, you first need to discover what NFTs exist on Flow Blockchain that you want to buy. You can find a full-list of pretty much every Flow Blockchain NFT or NFT marketplace by checking out the Flowverse Explore NFT page.

Click on an NFT that interests you and then the 'Trade this NFT' button on the subsequent page. This will lead you directly to the marketplace to buy/ sell the NFT.

Remember that nothing in the Flowverse website is financial advice (see the full disclaimer at bottom of this page) and to always do your own research.

How to buy an NFT on Flow Blockchain

Buying an NFT on Flow Blockchain varies depending on the website (marketplace) you are using to buy the NFT but there are three main methods.

Method 1: Buying a Flow Blockchain NFT with Dapper Wallet

If you’re purchasing an NFT with USD on Dapper, you will need to top up your Dapper wallet balance. See a list of Dapper Wallet NFTs here.

This is relatively easy to do:

a) Sign in to your Dapper wallet here:

b) In the 'Home' section, you will be able to add funds to your Dapper balance by adding USD either via credit/debit card, bank account or transfer of cryptocurrency.

Once you have added Dapper balance, you can go to the marketplace, and purchase the NFT that you would like by clicking the 'Pay with Dapper Balance' button, wait for a bit as the payment is being processed by the Flow Blockchain and that’s it. 


Method 2: Buying a Flow Blockchain NFT natively


Some websites (marketplaces) such as Unblocked, FanCraze and Cryptoys are custodial and have their own in-built payment option. This usually just requires you to setup an account with their website and depending on the marketplace, buy an NFT using credit card or cryptocurrency. 


Method 3: Buying a Flow Blockchain NFT through Blocto


Majority of the other websites/ marketplaces you can buy Flow Blockchain NFTs from require you to connect with a Blocto wallet. You can tell these websites as when you click ‘sign in’ or ‘connect’, a Blocto pop-up will appear.

To buy an NFT from these websites, you will need to spend either $FLOW or $FUSD tokens. As such to buy the Flow Blockchain NFT, you will first need to buy $FLOW or $FUSD. To do so will require you to set up a Blocto wallet. If you don’t have one already here are instructions: 

Setting up a Blocto Wallet

  1. Go to this website and download the app for either Android or iPhone
  2. Once downloaded, you can create an account

Once the wallet is set up, the easiest way to acquire $FUSD or $FLOW is through:

  1. Clicking the wallet tab and then ‘+’ to the top right 
  2. Adding the $FLOW or $FUSD token
  3. Clicking the shopping cart button to the bottom right and then ‘Cryptocurrency’
  4. From the drop down select FLOW (Flow) or FUSD (Flow) depending on which one you need to buy the NFT
  5. Following the prompts

Sometimes the method above can fail so there are alternatives if you are having trouble getting $FUSD or $FLOW from the above method. Flowty cover these alternative methods well in their very useful article How to Acquire / Sell FUSD & FLOW

Buying the Flow Blockchain NFT

When you have acquired the $FLOW or $FUSD, you can go the marketplace’s website. 

Click the ‘Sign In’ or 'Connect Wallet' button, then the image (see below) will appear asking you to sign in with your Blocto wallet.

Select the NFT you would like to buy. 

A signature request will pop up asking you to approve the transaction from BloctoApp. 

Confirm the transaction on Blocto, wait a bit, and now you have purchased your NFT on Flow.

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