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Flowverse FAQ

Frequenty asked questions

What is Flowverse?

Flowverse is an independent central hub and discoverability platform for everything in the Flow Blockchain ecosystem.

We provide information on Flow Blockchain projects, upcoming NFT drops and investors, as well as detailed research in the form of AMAs and BlockVenture reports.

What is Flow Blockchain?

Taken directly from the Flow Blockchain website: 

Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain. Brought to you by the team behind CryptoKitties, Flow is the foundation for entire ecosystems of consumer applications starting with games, collectibles, and the apps that interact with them. Flow is based on a novel architecture that achieves the performance required for mainstream applications without compromising decentralization – or sharding the network. This means developers on Flow can build secure and composable applications to enable new possibilities for billions of consumers around the world.

FLOW is the native currency for the Flow network, the exclusive token for staking, governance, payment of transaction fees, and the principal reserve asset on the network.

What is Flow Fest?

Flow Fest is a celebration 🎉 of all things Flow! We are bringing together a range of partners to join in on celebrating what it means to build on Flow. It will be a multi-week immersive experience into the cutting edge of what is being built on Flow, from collectibles to gaming to music to sports and more. There will be exciting reveals, exclusive drops, and a lot of fun! Join our Discord to engage in the festivities!

Where can I find support and help?

You can find support and assistance by reaching out in our Discord channel.

Where does the community hang out?

The friendly Flowverse community is active on Discord and Twitter!

How can I keep on top of all Flow Blockchain NFT drops?

We send out a newsletter 1-2 times weekly containing all upcoming NFT drops. Subscribe here!

I want to list my project or NFT drop, where can I go?

You can list your Flow project here or add your NFT drop to our site here. We will only accept those on Flow Blockchain.

Still have more Questions? Reach out to our friendly community on Discord