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Frequenty asked questions

What is Flowverse?

Welcome to Flowverse, the leading media platform and independent community covering the Flow Blockchain ecosystem. 

We also recently launched our own Flow NFT marketplace.

Since our launch in June 2021, we've grown from zero to over 40,000 newsletter subscribers and 40,000 Twitter followers, becoming the go-to source for news and analysis about the Flow blockchain.

At Flowverse, our mission is to help people discover, buy, and sell the best Flow projects, and we're doing this by building a community-first platform that puts users at the center of everything we do. 

We've launched two NFT collections so far: Flowverse Socks and the Flowverse Mystery Pass

Our Socks collection features many Flow OGs and project founders, while our Mystery Pass collection is a premium membership experience that offers access to exclusive content, NFT airdrops, and collaborations we do as part of Flowverse.

What sets us apart from other platforms is our specific Flow ecosystem knowledge, community-first approach, strong track record, media and distribution capabilities, and our commitment to building things the right way.

We're excited to be at the forefront of the Flow blockchain revolution and are dedicated to building a platform that empowers users to participate in the future of the digital economy.

Join us on this journey and discover why Flowverse is the best choice for all your Flow ecosystem needs.

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What is Flow Blockchain?

Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain.

It was created by Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties, to solve problems they had scaling CryptoKitties on the Ethereum network.

Flow differs from other blockchains (like Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, Cardano, DOGE & more) because it was explicitly designed to support games and consumer applications on day one, with the throughput necessary to scale to millions of active users.

Many high profile IPs have built applications on top of Flow across sport and entertainment including the NBA, UFC, La Liga and NFL, as well as Warner and Universal music group.

$FLOW is the native currency (cryptocurrency) for the Flow network, the exclusive token for staking, governance, payment of transaction fees, and the principal reserve asset on the network.

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I'm new to Flow from another Blockchain. Please help me understand what's going on

We have published a 1-pager and a 19-pager Ethereum users guide to Flow Blockchain. You can check it out here.

What's an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. To understand what this means, let's break it down into the two words:

1 - Non-fungible: A non-fungible asset is unique and non-interchangeable i.e. a beautiful house, a rare piece of art like the Mona Lisa or a very rare Pokemon card. This contrasts to a fungible asset like cash whereby a $10 note is interchangeable and non-unique in the sense that a $10 note is always worth $10 regardless of who owns it or the condition it is in.

2 - Token: A token is a form of virtual currency that exists on a blockchain

Combining the two means that NFTs are like a 1 of 1 cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency representing an art piece instead of currency.

An NFT can represent any type of digital asset. For example, artwork, an mp3 file, a video clip, or virtual land. Crucially, the NFT isn’t actually the piece of artwork itself; it’s a unique, on-chain token (piece of code on a blockchain) that represents the ownership of the digital asset.

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Aren't NFTs bad for the environment?

Flow NFTs (NFTs built on top of Flow Blockchain) have been found by Deloitte Canada to require less energy to create than an Instagram post.

In fact, 12.5 FLOW NFTs can be minted for each Google search. This is due to Flow's Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and unique multi-node architecture.

Where can I find support and help?

You can find support and assistance by reaching out in our Discord channel.

Where does the community hang out?

The friendly Flowverse community is active on Discord and Twitter!

The Flow Blockchain community also hangs out in community-ran telegram channels and Flow official channels.

Community telegrams:
English: https://t.me/flow_community
French: https://t.me/Flow_france
한국어 (Korean): https://t.me/flow_ko
Pусский (Russian): https://t.me/flow_ru
日本語 (Japanese): https://t.me/flowjp
Việt (Vietnamese): https://t.me/flow_vi
中文 (Chinese): https://t.me/flow_zh
Flow Indonesia: https://t.me/flow_id
Flow India: https://t.me/flow_india
Flow Philippines: https://t.me/flow_ph
Türk (Turkish): https://t.me/flow_turkiye
Español (Spanish): https://t.me/flow_spain
Nederlands (Dutch): https://t.me/flow_nl
Persian(فارسی) https://t.me/FlowPersian
Italian (Italiano): https://t.me/flow_italia

Official Flow channels:
Discord: https://onflow.org/discord
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flow_blockchain
Website: https://www.onflow.org/

How can I keep on top of all Flow Blockchain NFT drops?

We send out a newsletter 1-2 times weekly containing all upcoming NFT drops. Subscribe here!

I want to list my project or NFT drop, where can I go?

You can list your Flow project here or add your NFT drop to our site here. We will only accept those on Flow Blockchain.

I'm a Flow project founder, how can else can you support my project?

We have sponsored/ featured advertising packages. Advertise with us!

Still have more Questions? Reach out to our friendly community on Discord