July 14, 2022

How to create a FLOAT NFT for your event

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What is a FLOAT NFT?

FLOAT NFTs are proof-of-attendance NFTs on Flow Blockchain by Emerald City DAO. A proof-of-attendance NFT is a unique NFT given to people as a cool souvenir to commemorate and prove they attended an event. They can be given away at any event - be it crypto or non-crypto, digital or real-world.

Proof-of-attendance NFTs can be used by event coordinators to reward people for attending festivals, summits, conferences, online zoom events, sporting matches, and more.

Below we show you how to create a FLOAT NFT for your event.

Example FLOAT: Every Flowverse Community Call we give out a FLOAT NFT

Here’s a quick guide on setting them up for your event in less than 2 min 👇

Step 1

Go to floats.city and connect your Flow Blockchain wallet. If you don't have a blockchain wallet, it's super easy to create one with Dapper wallet, or Blocto app via the popup. You can also use Lilico! We have gone with Dapper in our tutorial :)


Step 2

On the same page click ‘Create an event’


Step 3

Complete the form to add details about the FLOAT NFT event including name, URL, description and an image.

Tip: Make sure the image looks great because this is the NFT that people will be collecting from your event. We use Canva for ours


Step 4

Configure the FLOAT. Be careful at this step as some configurations can be changed later but others can’t.

You can configure things like tradeable or Soulbound (can’t be traded), claimable or not claimable, quantity, time limit, free or paid + more


Step 5

Click ‘Create FLOAT’, sign the transaction, wait for it to process and that's it!

Congrats you can now make claimable Flow Blockchain NFTs to reward participation in your events 🎉


You can check out Flowverse's original video tutorial on FLOAT NFTs in our Twitter thread below:

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