Emerald City

Emerald City


A DAO focused on developing the future tooling for all DAOs on Flow

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December 2021


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Detailed description

Emerald City are a DAO that is paving the way for other decentralized communities that will be built in the Flow ecosystem.

The DAO consists of 3 working groups called "Guilds".

  • Governance Guild
  • Education Guild
  • Building Guild

The Governance Guild is working on creating best practices for DAOs - starting with Emerald City DAO but applicable to all DAOs in the Flow Blockchain ecosystem.

The Education Guild provides educational resources (such as Emerald Academy)Β and support to enable people to quickly get up to speed with the Flow Blockchain programming language, Cadence.

The Building Guild creates tools and products that are beneficial to all DAOs and projects on Flow. Their two flagship products to date are FLOAT (a proof-of-attendance platform) and Emerald ID (a Discord token verifier).


Emerald City


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Emerald City


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Emerald City


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