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July 2021


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Flowty is at the forefront of developing tools, features and services for collectors, traders and investors on the Flow blockchain. Our goal is to improve the ecosystem for all stakeholders and enable NFT holders to have a variety of options to accomplish their goals. Today, we support peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT-backed loans and NFT rentals.NFT-backed Loans:The primary use case flowty's loan product is to help users access liquidity without having to sell their NFT. Collectors may prefer to borrow rather than sell for a number of reasons and flowty's loan platform allows them to do just that.

On the other side of the equation are users who are interested in investing in NFTs with a different risk-reward from simply buying and selling. Lenders, depending on the terms of the loan they fund, can loan tokens to peers with the downside protection of receiving an NFT if the loan is not repaid.NFT rentals:Many NFTs have exciting utility attached to them. From Top Shot's challenges to games or concert tickets. Flowty rentals allow owners to rent out NFTs to take advantage of temporary utility without having to sell their NFT and allows users who don't want to own an NFT long-term to benefit from temporary utility without having to outright purchase an NFT.We are hard at work to bring more features and tools to the Flow ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter and join us in our Discord to learn more.




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