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What is the NBA?

The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association. It is a professional basketball league in North America, composed of 30 teams. The NBA is the premier men's professional basketball league in the world and one of the major professional sports leagues of North America alongside the MLB, NFL, and NHL.

What is NBA Top Shot?

NBA Top Shot is a digital collectible platform that allows fans to purchase, trade, and own officially licensed video highlights of the NBA in the form of unique digital collectibles called "Moments."

Each Moment is a highlight from a specific game or player and is represented by an NFT on the Flow blockchain. This means that each Moment is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. They are immutable.

What are Top Shot Moments?

Top Shot Moments are digital collectible NFTs of highlights from a specific game or player. Moments can be purchased in packs, or on the secondary market from other collectors. Buying Moments in packs is an experience similar to purchasing an old-school pack of physical collectible cards.

Moments are divided into different rarity tiers including:Β 

  • Legendary:Β 0.09% of Moments
  • Rare:Β 1.6%Β of Moments
  • Fandom: 2.5% of Moments
  • Common: 95.8% of Moments

They are also divided by badges, players and sets.

Where can I buy or sell NBA NFTs?

You can buy NBA Top Shot Moments (NFTs)Β on their official website either through pack sales or from the secondary marketplace.

Outside of the official marketplace, you can also buy and sell NBA Top Shot Moments on third-party Flow Blockchain NFT marketplaces such as Gaia Marketplace and BloctoBay.

How many sales has NBA Top Shot done?

As at 19th Jan 2023, NBA Top Shot has $1.1b total sales according to Flowverse NFT. The average price of an NBA Top Shot Moment is $45.9. There has been 22.9m sales and 449.7k unique buyers.

This places NBA Top Shot as the most successful Flow Blockchain NFT in terms of sales and unique buyers.

What is the most expensive NBA Top Shot Moment?

Moments featuring LeBron James dominate the top 10 most expensive sales on NBA Top Shot with the highest sale happening on NBA Top Shot on Aug 26, 2021. It was a Series 1 moment part of the 2020 NBA Finals set with Legendary #23/79 serial number and sold for $230,023.00.

Where can I track NBA Top Shot sales?

You can find NBA Top Shot sales statistics on Flowverse NFT. Here you can toggle to see 24h, 7d, 30d and All-time information.

NBA Top Shot sales on 19 Jan 2023.

How much do packs cost on NBA Top Shot?

The cost of packs on NBA Top Shot varies depending on the release and number of highlights available. The Starter pack and WNBA Starter pack currently cost $9 providing a low entry cost to the NBA Top Shot ecosystem.

What can I do with NBA Top Shot Moments?

Once you own NBA Top Shot Moments, you can do a variety of things with them including:

  • Holding it: Holding onto it like any other investment
  • Showcasing it: Display your NBA Top Shot moment in a physical display or online gallery
  • Sell it: Sell it in the peer-to-peer marketplace
  • Use it in challenges: Compete in challenges built around live NBA games. These enable users to earn rewards that can include free trips to the NBA Draft, Finals, and in-person events with players

Collecting certain Moments gives you access to exclusive communities such as the Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) which is available to just those who collect the 30 Cool Cat Moments.

What crypto wallet and payment provider does NBA Top Shot use?

NBA Top Shot currently uses Dapper Wallet. Dapper is a crypto wallet and payments platform currently powering products like NFL All Day, UFC Strike and Gaia Marketplace. It is the wallet that lets you purchase NBA Top Shot Moments. You can purchase Moments via fiat currency, credit card or cryptocurrencies such as FLOW, ETH, BTC, BCH, DAI and USDC.

NBA Top Shot Moments are non-custodial enabling you to transfer them from Dapper Wallet to other wallets such as Blocto.

What tools can I use with NBA Top Shot?

There are several tools which can help with analytics of Top Shot Moments as well as expanding their utility.

These include:

  • ‍Add More Funds: NBA Top Shot tools for looking at lowest ask and sales charts as well as setting price alerts‍
  • AiSports: Free to play game around NBA Top shot‍
  • Evaluate: The first live NFT swapping tool on Flow & Ethereum (formerly Evaluate Market). Search for trading partners, swap NFTs, shop across marketplaces, and more‍
  • Infinite Objects: A permanent video display to showcase NFTs such as NBA Top Shot‍
  • Enables users to create a single page (bio link) gallery of their NFTs including NBA Top Shots‍
  • LiveToken: Real time, live data and analysis for NFTs like NBA Top Shot‍
  • MR Play: Free to play games where users can use their NBA Top Shot moments to play and earn‍
  • Moment Nerd: Create Twitter Avatars from NBA Top Shots‍
  • Moment Watch: Mobile companion app for NBA Top Shot‍
  • Momentum Labs: A new website to bring together community, analysis, and advice with technical and data visualization expertise, targeted at Dapper’s most active and valuable users‍
  • NFT Guru: NBA Top Shot Trivia Game‍
  • Nifted: Showcases NFTs including NBA Top Shot moments with a physical 5 x 7" display‍
  • Own the Moment: NBA Top Shot tools and analytics. Free to play games‍
  • Rayvin: NBA Top Shot marketplace tools and pack drop notifier‍
  • RookShot.Market: Tracks rookie moment pricing and other data for NBA Top Shot‍
  • The First Mint: Covers all facets of NBA Top Shot from in depth analysis to podcasts‍
  • TopMoment - NFT Tracker: TopMoment is a companion app that allows NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike collectors to access their account valuation in real-time.‍
  • TopShoters: Provides analytical tools for NBA Top Shot‍
  • Topshot Explorer: A tool that fetches info on NBA Top Shot sets‍
  • CryptoCollectibles365: LCDs for your NFTs incl. NBA Top Shot

How can I learn more about Flow Blockchain?

Flow Blockchain is quickly becoming the hub for Sports NFTs. NFL All Day has joined the LaLiga, NBA and UFC in building on top of Flow Blockchain instead of Solana or Ethereum.

You can keep up to date with all Flow Blockchain information including tutorials, news and NFTs directly on the Flowverse website.

How can I join the Flowverse Community?

The Flowverse Community is an NFT community on Flow Blockchain to discuss latest developments, alpha and other news. The Flowverse Mystery Pass is a utility-focused membership pass that enables you to access this NFT community. Once you have purchased a Flowverse Mystery Pass from the secondary marketplace, you can verify your ownership in the Flowverse Discord to join the community.


NBA Top Shot


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NBA Top Shot


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