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September 2021


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What is La Liga?

La Liga is the top professional football (soccer) league in Spain. There are 20 teams that compete in La Liga. These teams play each other twice over the course of a season, once at home and once away. The team with the most points at the end of the season is crowned the champion of La Liga.

La Liga was founded in 1929, and since then, only nine teams have been able to win the league title. The competition has been largely dominated by two football clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. 

What is LaLiga Golazos and what are LaLiga Golazos Moments?

LaLiga Golazos is an officially licensed digital collectible platform for fans of La Liga football. The platform allows fans to buy, trade and own officially licensed video highlights of La Liga games in the form of unique digital collectibles called "Moments." 

Each Moment is a one-of-a-kind NFT on the Flow blockchain, representing a specific La Liga highlight. The Moment includes information (traits) such as player, rarity, jersey number, series sticker, club, final match score, match date, and the video highlight itself. 

LaLiga Golazos Moments are divided into four rarity tiers

  • Legendary: 0.09% of total Moments
  • Rare: 1.72% of total Moments
  • Uncommon: 2.80% of total Moments
  • Common: 95.38% of total Moments

How can I get a LaLiga Golazos Moment?

If you're a fan of La Liga football, you can get your hands on LaLiga Golazos Moments through two ways.

  1. Join Pack Drops: New Moments are released in Pack Drops, giving you the opportunity to open packs and get a chance at the rarest LaLiga Moments.
  2. Shop the Marketplace: You can purchase a specific Moment of your favorite player or sell anything from your collection to LaLiga Golazos collectors around the world.

What can I do with LaLiga Golazos Moments?

Owning LaLiga Golazos Moments opens up a new world of possibilities for La Liga fans:

  1. Build your ultimate LaLiga collection: Collect Moments from your favorite players and clubs like never before. Showcase your collection to fellow La Liga enthusiasts and demonstrate your passion for the sport.
  2. Flex your football knowledge: Your passion for La Liga can pay off with special Moments awarded for completing challenges during live matches. Showcase your knowledge and expertise by collecting these unique Moments.
  3. Your collection gets you more: Participate in Crafting Challenges to get exclusive Moments that aren't available in packs. Expand your collection and increase its value by completing these challenges and acquiring rare Moments.

How many sales has LaLiga Golazos done?

As of March 1st, 2023, LaLiga Golazos has generated $2.7 million in total sales, as reported by Flowverse NFT. The average price of a LaLiga Golazos Moment or Pack is $47.8, with 56.3k sales and 5k unique buyers.

These figures make LaLiga Golazos the seventh most successful NFT on the Flow Blockchain in terms of sales, demonstrating the popularity and demand for these unique digital collectibles among La Liga fans.

How much do LaLiga Golazos Moments cost?

The cheapest LaLiga Golazos Moment cost as low as $2 on the secondary marketplace. 

Where can I track LaLiga Golazos sales?

You can find LaLiga Golazos sales statistics on Flowverse NFT. Here you can toggle to see 24h, 7d, 30d and All-time information.

LaLiga Golazos is the seventh top Flow Blockchain project by all time sales Source: Flowverse NFT

How much do packs cost on LaLiga Golazos?

The cost of packs on LaLiga Golazos varies depending on the release and rarity. Previous pack sales have varied from $9.99 to $199.9.

What are LaLiga Golazos challenges?

LaLiga Golazos offers exciting challenges that reward users with bonus Moments for collecting specific Moments.

For instance, the ongoing La Capital Challenge celebrates the historic Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid rivalry, TheMadridDerby.

In this challenge, users collect Moments from footballers born in the Spanish capital and get rewarded with two captains and legends of Los Blancos and Los Rojiblancos: Raúl González and Koke.

Challenges come in different tiers and do have an end date, so be sure to act fast and complete them before time runs out.

What crypto wallet and payment provider does LaLiga Golazos use?

LaLiga Golazos uses Dapper Wallet. Dapper is a crypto wallet and payments platform currently powering products like NFL All Day, UFC Strike and NBA Top Shot. It is the wallet that lets you purchase LaLiga Golazos Moments.

How can I learn more about Flow Blockchain?

Flow Blockchain is quickly becoming the hub for Sports NFTs. La Liga has joined the NFL, NBA and UFC in building on top of Flow Blockchain instead of Solana or Ethereum.

You can keep up to date with all Flow Blockchain information including tutorials, news and NFTs directly on the Flowverse website.

How can I join the Flowverse Community?

The Flowverse Community is an NFT community on Flow Blockchain to discuss latest developments, alpha and other news. The Flowverse Mystery Pass is a utility-focused membership pass that enables you to access this NFT community. Once you have purchased a Flowverse Mystery Pass from the secondary marketplace, you can verify your ownership in the Flowverse Discord to join the community.


LaLiga Golazos


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LaLiga Golazos

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LaLiga Golazos


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LaLiga Golazos


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