La Liga Golazos

Lewandowski's Strikers (Historic Premium)

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Lewandowski's Strikers (Historic Premium)
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Apr 25, 2023 4:00 AM


Apr 25, 2023




Lewandowski Premium Packs include only Moments from the Golazos core rarity tiers (Fandom Moments are not included in these tiers). These Packs go on sale also April 24 and feature some of the scarcest Moments curated by Lewandowski. Each pack has a 7.5% chance of containing an ultra-scarce Legendary Moment, with only 30 in existence ever.

Moments from the Special Edition Premium Packs will be needed to complete Lewandowski Collections to unlock Rewards, and even a shot at meeting Lewandowski (more below). Specifically, the Premium Pack will feature Moments used in the Medium and Hard Lewandowski Collections.


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