January 3, 2023

Flowverse joins Nine Lives Lounge (NLL)

Discover the exclusive NBA Top Shot Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) club with Flowverse

In a purr-fect match, 🐱 Flowverse has joined the ranks of the Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) by acquiring a Cool Cats set.

What’s the NLL? The NLL is an exclusive club within the NBA Top Shot community. It has many perks and is only accessible to those who hold all 30 Moments from the Cool Cats set.

What is the Cool Cats set? The Cool Cats set is a collection of 30 NBA Top Shot Moments (NFTs). They are standout plays from the first half of the 2020-21 NBA season.

Perks of being a member of the NLL

As a member of the NLL, collectors gain:

  • Exclusive conversations: From time to time Dapper staff will hop into the chat... including CEO Roham Gharegozlou
  • Direct support: Direct support from the Dapper Labs community team
  • Giveaways: NLL members can win NBA Top Shot packs, jerseys, tickets to NBA games, and more
  • Community voting: Members can vote on what they want to see happen within the community
  • Exclusive Discord access: Members can link their Discord account to their NBA Top Shot account. This gives them access to exclusive Discord channels and chat with other members
  • Early access: Access future Dapper Labs projects before anyone else
  • Even more: There are also community events, airdrops and giveaways. Not to forget the special guests and interviews.

Why Flowverse is excited to be a part of the NLL

  • Utility: We love the utility the NLL offers its members. The ability to engage with key Dapper team members including CEO Roham Gharegozlou stands out
  • Community driven: We are drawn to the community-driven aspect of the NLL - is the NLL an NBA Top Shot de facto DAO?
  • Top tier club: The NLL is a top tier club on Flow, and partly inspired the direction of our Flowverse Sock NFTs
  • Support: We are also proud to back, eldumbo, a fantastic Flow Blockchain advocate and community leader. Eldumbo is an active member of the NLL

You can learn more about the NLL here.

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