3021 Most Wanted

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3021 Most Wanted
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Sep 23, 2021 3:00 AM


Sep 23, 2021




Year 3021. You have an incoming message in your intercommunication system from the Intergalactic High-Security Prison located in CyGen Asteroid, the center of the galaxy Lambda YZ-353. A new mission has been assigned to you as Level A++ Bounty Hunter. After a mysterious electricity blackout, a riot has started by 4 of the most dangerous villains in the Universe. This situation has ended up with their breakout, in the company of some of their crew members as long as some other common convicts who took advantage to foment the chaos and escape from that place. Show your skills as Level A++ Bounty Hunter and chase this criminal squad formed by 21 of the most threatening beings all over the galaxy. Are you capable enough to catch and return them all to the place they belong? Beware: some of them could look friendly, harmless, or even silly, but all of them are dangerous. Release date: 23 September 2021. Common Cards = $3, Rare cards = $18 and Legendary = $57.

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