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Idols In Action
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Dec 29, 2021 4:00 AM


Dec 29, 2021




I dedicate my third drop to all my fans and all basketball lovers. While material things and money are important and give me energy, passion is much more significant. Together with the love and respect of my fans, it is the ultimate driving force and motivates me to share my energy and creativity with others. This collection displays the full spectrum of my skills. It features frame-by-frame animations as well as the best of the best works from my personal archive. Pieces are created during all stages of my professional career, and are connected by some key matches and other significant events. I highly appreciate art created with soul, without any intention to hype. My aim is to create powerful and unique pieces that would be a part of basketball history. Recent works together with the historical ones immerse us into the world of idols and hopefully will inspire future legendary artworks. Price:Common(1670 packs) $15,Rare (350 Packs) $90,Legendary (180 packs) $285

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