More Than A Hero

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More Than A Hero
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Sep 26, 2021 3:00 AM


Sep 26, 2021




The "More than a Hero" collection is an illustrated mini series which portrays NBA superstar LeBron James as a mythical greek athlete. Like Hercules in Aegean culture, King James' battle for supremacy will invoke the passion and emotions that exemplify sports competition. I've followed the life and career of Lebron James since his early days as a prolific high school kid to his epic run as arguably the greatest basketball player to ever live. Myself like many others across the world have been motivated and inspired by his remarkable journey. My vision for this series began to take shape after witnessing his historic win over the unbeatable golden state warriors. On the journey of this visual epic we follow the hero's fictional battles as he conquers the world one game at a time. This collection reflects my love for basketball and respect for the legendary Lebron "King" James, For me personally there's no greater feeling than watching my creative works capture the hearts and minds of the sports community while cementing its place in the history of the internet. Release date: 26 September 2021. Common = $20, Rare = $120 and Legendary = $380.

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