Joseph Diaz

Astral Cyborgs by Joseph Diaz

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Astral Cyborgs by Joseph Diaz
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Dec 8, 2021 4:00 AM


Dec 8, 2021




ABOUT THIS COLLECTION It was the idea of Egxyen, the engineer that revolutionized robotics and cybernetic implants in the year 2066, that the cyborgs developed by the ASTRAL Corporation will always be shaped in the form of women. He wanted to balance the brute force of the biomechanic units with the lightness and finesse of the feminine body. Although there were many commercial units, Egxyen designed a series 21 cyborgs for his own use. Some of units were maintenance cyborgs, others relentless killers and some just sexual companions. What separated these Cyborgs from the rest of the robots was his spiritual side and the connection with a higher conscience. The anti social Egxyen surrounded himself by his creations in the highest floor of the ASTRAL Corporation and avoided contact with humans until his death. Release date: 08 December 2021. Legendary: $190, Rare: $60, Common: $10.

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