Igor Skaletsky

Hellenes by Igor Skaletsky

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Hellenes by Igor Skaletsky
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Nov 24, 2021 3:00 AM


Nov 24, 2021




Hellenes are the modern goddesses created by Igor Skaletsky - a digital collage artist based between Berlin and Tel Aviv. They are angels, demons, fairies, or sometimes childhood dolls trapped in the symmetry dimension. These fantastic and dreamy creatures are silent and unreachable. They avoid direct eye contact with the audience yet showcase the most substantial power. Destiny took away the warm flesh and blood from these vulnerable figures, turning them into immortals and deified these fragile female images. Thus, the women in this collection all appeared as Hellenes Goddesses. They look at us under various appearances and costumes; however, the sympathetic gaze stays the same.

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