January 19, 2023

Why developers build on Flow Blockchain vs. other blockchains

We interviewed Flow founders and CEOs and this is why they built on Flow Blockchain compared to other blockchains

Since early November 2022, Flowverse has hosted 10+ live interview AMAs with the founders and CEOs of Flow Blockchain projects.

One key question we ask is why did your project build on Flow Blockchain compared to other blockchains like Solana, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

5 most common reasons devs build on Flow

We analysed information from several of these interviews, along with information from official project websites and found these to be the 5 most common reasons developers built on Flow vs. other blockchains:Β 

  • User-friendly
  • Low transaction fees
  • Scalability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Supportive community

Alongside the reasons above, projects also referenced that Flow Blockchain offers easy onboarding for non-crypto users and is developer-friendly.

Here are specific reasons by project:

Flovatar (from their official website):

  • "Flow is super easy to use"
  • "Gas fees are extremely low on Flow (Gas fees on Ethereum are similar to transaction charges and they can be quite expensive)"
  • Flow is eco-friendly as it’s built on the proof-of-stake model rather than proof-of-work”

AFL Mint (from their official blog post):

  • "Flow is developer friendly, resource oriented and very flexible."
  • "Flow is also user friendly with lower gas fees and a very low energy consumption."
  • "Working with a sports league, we reached out to the NBA Top Shots team who were a big influence in the final decision to go with Flow."
  • "Flow is very user friendly, low transaction fees, more adaptable contracts and a budding NFT ecosystem."
  • "We also believe Flow to be the sports blockchain."
  • "Blocto is the most underrated wallet in web 3. Integrations are straight forward, set up for users is a 3-step process, we know our user base will find out just how good the experience is compared to whatever they have used elsewhere."
  • "The Flow community is unlike any other, very supportive and everyone we have spoken to has been so generous with their time and their insights."

YDYLife (from Flowverse AMA):

  • "Flow has one of the easiest onboarding ramps for fiat. It’s easy to help non-crypto native users use the tech."
  • "Plus, we’re pretty bullish on Dapper!"

aiSports (from Flowverse AMA):

  • "Flow has proven their capability with a massive user base in NBA Top Shot."
  • "They are consumer and sports oriented, which is perfect for us at aiSports."
  • "Flow is building to support the next Billion users in Crypto and we want to be a part of that!"

Gameday+ (from Flowverse AMA):

  • "We share a similar philosophy to Dapper does, which is that the explosion of Web3 will actually look closer to Web2.5 in terms of user experience than full blown DeFi"
  • "When people are collecting they don't want to have to worry about being hacked and someone stealing their seed phrase."
  • "To onboard the next 100M+ into this ecosystem it needs to be accessible and user friendly"
  • "That's the experience we hope to help build across all blockchains."

‍Evaluate (from Flowverse AMA):

  • "We love building in the Flow ecosystem - and really do believe it is taking massive leaps forward in terms of interoperability and the developer experience with advancements like the Flow NFT catalog and permissionless deployment."
  • "We've always loved the ease of the onboarding experience on Flow, and believe that the Studio ecosystem is perhaps the most supportive of any blockchain."

Increment Fi (from their official blog):

  • "Our prediction of the public chain competition: Flow being one of the dual / triple winners in the endgame"
  • "Mass audiences besides native crypto users"
  • "Scalability and low costs"
  • "User and developer friendly"
  • "Rich on-chain assets and projects"

If you're a Flow developer or Flow project and you want to include your reasons here, reach out to us at hello@flowverse.co.

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