November 14, 2022

GameDay+ AMA

Web3 Social Sports Platform. Interview with Mike Caprio (Co-founder GameDay+)

Please introduce yourselves, your personal background up until founding GameDay+

The co-founders of Data+Sports (parent company of GameDay+) come from the media and technology industry, having led a handful of companies at the intersection of advertising, digital media and video. At the tailend of the pandemic we saw what we viewed as an opportunity to create a platform specifically for next gen sports fans. With the legalization of mobile betting in the United States in 2018, and the emergence of digital collectibles with Top Shot, we saw a market for a sports specific digital destination for friends and communities with an integrated digital wallet. Providing personalized content and insights on the games and teams you love, the ability to chat with friends, trade/showcase your digital collectibles, play games and be rewarded for your engagement and growing the community is the foundation of GameDay+ (

High-level overview of what GameDay+ is and the long-term vision.

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What does it mean to be a web3 social sport platform?

Web3, not just as a technology, but a philsophy, is driving the the foundation of the value prop for GameDay+. Today, if you spent hours in Instagram or TikTok (or Twitter), your time is monetized through ads. We believe that a Web3 social platform should share in that monetization by rewarding users for the time they spend, helping grow the network and participate in brand rewards from partner brands (sportsbooks, ticket providers, nft sellers, etc.) The integration of a digital wallet reduces friction and opens up new opportunities to allow the community to participate in the value creation within GameDay+.

How big is the team? Have you raised money? What's it like being part of Dapper Studio Ecosystem?

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On your site, it seems you can participate in matchups and contests - what does this mean? How can people get involved? What can people win?

GameDay+ has a ton to offer for next gen sports fans. Registered users have access to a personalized newsfeed, 1:1, public and private group chat, ability to connect and follow friends and can play in Free to Play Contests to win Flow tokens. Our Matchups and content search is available to everyone and includes all of the information you would want to know about a game. Today, that's NBA, NFL and MLB, but we'll be expanding to Soccer, College Basketball (March Madness) and beyond.

What’s the target audience for GameDay+?

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What is the Fellas NFT? Any details you can share?

The Fellas is a collection we are set to release as part of the GameDay+ community. It's a 10,000 character collection of bosses, loan sharks, bookies, soldiers and more, with each charactor representing 1 of 50 Crime Families (Crews) from various cities across the US, Canada and Europe. Every family has a boss, an underboss and consigliere who run the crew. These families will compete against each other for sports supremacy to "earn" within GameDay+. A portion of the initial mint is reserved for IRL and other rewards that will be issued to the families for participating in and winning community contests. There will be special token gated content, chat and contests. And everyone who owns a Fella has the rights to use that character for anything they want and encouraged to expand on their stories. We're also working on a special royalty only for initial mint buyers that will enable them to participate in future royalties in perpetuity. In terms of timing, we are waiting to ensure this is a successful launch. The characters are done, the smart contract is being audited. We'll have our allow list registrration for new requests open next week. We have a sizable early allow-list already. So stay tuned if you want to Join the Crew.

Why build on Flow Blockchain vs. other blockchains?

We share a similar philosophy as Dapper does, which is that the explosion of Web3 will actually look closer to Web2.5 in terms of user experience than full blown DeFi. When people are collecting they don't want to have to worry about being hacked and someone stealing their seed phrase. To onboard the next 100M+ into this ecosystem it needs to be accessible and user friendly. That's the experience we hope to help build across all blockchains.

Favourite Flow NFT?

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What’s coming next for GameDay+ after this?

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Life alpha/ advice from your experience?

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