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NBA Finals Legendary (Series 4)

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NBA Finals Legendary (Series 4)
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Jun 17, 2023 5:00 AM


Jun 17, 2023




In the 2023 NBA Finals, the #1 seed in the Western Conference faced off against the darling #8 seed in the Eastern Conference with legacies, NBA history, and the Larry O'Brien Trophy on the line. This Series 4 Legendary Set celebrates the best Moments of the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat from the 2023 NBA Finals.

By collecting and locking all 6 Legendary 2023 NBA Finals Moments, you'll earn a Legendary Challenge Reward from Finals MVP Nikola Jokić. Collectors also have a small chance at finding iconic Legendary Anthology Moments from the 2016 NBA Finals (2 of 23 "The Block" Moments) and 2017 NBA Finals (33 of 99 "The Dagger" Moments) in these Packs. In addition to these Legendary NBA Finals Moments, each Pack also includes 1 Rare Metallic Gold LE Moment and 7 Common Moments.


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