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Base Set (Series 3, Release 2)

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Base Set (Series 3, Release 2)
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Nov 13, 2021 6:00 AM


Nov 13, 2021




The second drop of Series 3 is here. Back again with access to our Common Base Set and those first Moment™ Collectibles of the 2021 - 22 NBA season on November 12th at 11am PST. This drop will feature more of the first Moments from the 2021-22 season and include more coveted 3 star rookie debuts from select players. The pack will include 3 common base set moments at $9 per pack. Base Set Common Edition Size: Variable: 4,000 - 60,000 CC. Number of packs: 350,000, Number of packs per purchase: up to 10.

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NBA Top Shot