7 Deadly Sins Collectible Pack #3

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7 Deadly Sins Collectible Pack #3
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Oct 12, 2023 4:00 AM


Oct 12, 2023




7 Deadly Sins Collectible Pack #3 represents the third "7 Deadly Sins" release from Tical Universe. In this release, the Tical Universe lore expands with digital collectibles featuring exciting Tical Universe art and music from legendary Wu-Tang Clan DJ and producer, Mathematics. All original purchasers of this ticket will receive 5 guaranteed rare collectibles in addition to the pack wrapper collectible. All users who complete the full set of 7 Deadly Sins Collectible Pack #3 collectibles by the snapshot date will be airdropped a legendary collectible. Please note that the contents of the pack will be airdropped to the original purchaser only and purchasing this ticket on the secondary market does NOT grant you access to the airdrops.

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