Flowverse Mystery Pass

Flowverse Mystery Pass


A utility-focused membership pass that aims to level up Flowverse from a web2 information provider to a web3 brand.

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September 2022


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What is the Flowverse Mystery Pass?

The Flowverse Mystery Pass is a utility-focused membership pass that aims to level up Flowverse from a web2 information provider to a web3 brand.

It enables you to celebrate your Flowverse fandom, gain access to exclusive content, benefits and join a private community on Flow.

If you love what we've built with Flowverse to date, and you want to help us grow the Flow Blockchain ecosystem this is the NFT for you

What does this membership pass unlock?

Those who own a Flowverse Mystery Pass get:

  • Private club membership to a community aligned on the growth of the Flow ecosystem
  • Vote on community decisions…
  • Automatic allowlist for partnering NFT drops
  • Access our private Flowverse Mystery Pass Discord channel and listing on our community page
  • Early access to premium Flowverse content e.g. deep dives on Flow projects, Flow Blockchain ecosystem reports, AMA recordings and more
  • Mystery utility 1: Ongoing Artist Airdrops throughout 2023 exclusive to Flowverse Mystery Pass holders
  • Mystery utility 2: πŸ”’
  • Mystery utility 3: πŸ”’
  • Ownership of the Flowverse Mystery Pass

Who should get a Flowverse Mystery Pass?

It's for die-hard Flowverse fans who want to support the project as we level up from a web2 information provider to a web3 brand. It's a pass that represents your fandom. The pass will extend rather than take away from the Flowverse experience by offering additional utility

How long does my Flowverse Mystery Pass membership last?

The Flowverse Mystery Pass NFT as an art and collectible lasts forever. The additional underlying benefits of the Flowverse Mystery Pass access will expire on Dec 1st 2023

When will the Flowverse Mystery Pass sale take place?

The pre-sale will take place at 12 PM, Monday 7th November PST (8 PM, Monday 7th November UTC / GMT). This is for people who have signed up for the pre-sale list. If there are any Flowverse Mystery Pass NFTs remaining, the public sale will take place at 12 PM, Tuesday 8th November PST (8 PM, Tuesday 8th November UTC / GMT). Both the pre-sale and public sale will take place here at Flowverse NFT platform

When will the Mystery utilities be revealed?

The first Mystery utility was revealed after the public sale. The other two Mystery utilities will be revealed progressively in 2023

How is this related to Flowverse Socks?

Flowverse Socks were the original Flowverse digital collectibles, comprising 111 uniquely identifiable pairs of digital socks. These were airdropped to some of the earliest, most committed and engaged Flowverse community members for Christmas 2021.

Since the free airdrop, they have become one of the most sought after digital collectibles on Flow with the community consisting of many Flow Blockchain OGs including Roham - the founder of Dapper Labs (x3 Socks), Bjartek, Arsonic, Alxo, Luke and many top Flow app founders

Socks will always be Socks. Flowverse Socks owners will always be the VIPs of the Flowverse and will still get their special sock utility on top of being able to claim 1 Flowverse Mystery Pass for free

What is Flowverse?

The Flowverse mission has always been to bring the next billion users to blockchain technology through Flow. Everything we do aims to have this core value at heart.

Flowverse is the central hub to discover everything on the Flow Blockchain including NFTs, games, DeFi and more.

We founded Flowverse in June 2021 and have grown exponentially since then to become the top neutral Flow community with over 100k members across our email newsletter, Discord, Instagram and Twitter. We have also hosted over 50 AMAs with Flow app founders.

We will forever be grateful to the community including Dapper Labs, Flow, Blocto, The First Mint and every other Flow app & community member for their support in helping us get to where we are

Why is Flowverse launching an NFT collection?

In April 2022, we ran a community survey with 93% of participants wanting Flowverse-branded NFTs. Our initial Sock collection has also been a major success in the community with ~50% participation rates. We want to scale this up to a larger community focused on the growth of the Flow Blockchain ecosystem

Why a membership pass?

We asked the community to decide what we should launch i.e. whether it should be a PFP avatar collection, more digital fashion (like the Flowverse Socks), or something else. The top response was "whatever [the team] wants to put out". We're passionate about using NFTs for access so that's why we're launching a membership pass

How will community decisions be conducted?

We will use the recently launched CAST voting tool.

Where is the secondary marketplace?

The secondary marketplace is here.

How do I join the community and get access to premium content?

To access the exclusive community, join the official Flowverse Discord and verify you hold a Flowverse Mystery Pass in the verify NFTs channel. This will gain you access to the exclusive Flowverse Mystery Pass holders channel, content channel and notifications channel.

We also have a community hub where you can see the latest news, updates, access premium content and utility. You can login with your Flowverse Mystery Pass here.

Who is the team?

  • Nish: Co-founder of Flowverse
  • James: Co-founder of Flowverse
  • Brian: Full-stack blockchain developer, the tech wizard behind Flowverse Mystery Pass
  • AFTERFUTURE: Known web3 visual artists and designers of the Flowverse Mystery Pass


Flowverse Mystery Pass


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Flowverse Mystery Pass


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Flowverse Mystery Pass


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