December 1, 2022

First Flowverse Mystery Pass Mystery Utility Revealed

Today we announce the much anticipated first Flowverse Mystery Pass Mystery Utility.

When you’ve had a sip of water or a cup of tea, calmed down and braced yourself, read on for today we announce the much anticipated first Flowverse Mystery Pass Mystery Utility.

The first Mystery Utility is…





‍Artist airdrops

What does this mean?

Throughout the year, we will be collaborating with upcoming blockchain artists to launch on Flow via exclusive NFT airdrops just for Flowverse Mystery Pass holders.

Alongside the art NFT airdrop, there will be artist reports breaking down the history of the artist, their style, their inspiration and their future.

‍How does this benefit you?

You’ll receive unique art pieces from talented, upcoming artists in the NFT space. You can collect, and trade these NFTs and some may have additional utilities too.

‍Why we’re doing this?

Nish and I believe art is one of the most beautiful and important elements of any great NFT.

It’s why we made sure our first NFT, the Flowverse Socks were designed by a professional 3D artist featured by Paris Hilton, Jenny Jiang and it’s why our Mystery Passes were professionally designed by artists with one of the biggest histories on Flow Blockchain, AFTERFUTURE.

We want to enable our NFT holders to progressively collect art over time to build their collection, and artists to have a platform to launch and become known in the Flow community.

‍When’s the first one?

Following the FLOAT airdrop, we are currently working on our first proper artist airdrop.

‍Will it just be artists or projects too?

We will also be collaborating with top-tier and community-suggested projects for airdrops to Flowverse Mystery Pass holders. The first of which will be the Flovatar Flobit airdrop to all who hold a Flovatar and a Flowverse Mystery Pass.

‍What if I have multiple passes?

You will receive multiple airdrops.

‍Any other questions? Let us know on our Discord.

Once you have a Flowverse Mystery Pass, you can find out more information by joining our NFT-gated Discord channel or logging into our official community hub with your NFT.

Let’s GET IT.

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