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AFL Mint is the only official marketplace to collect licensed AFL NFTs

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April 2022


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What is the AFL?

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the only fully professional men’s competition of Australian rules football. Australian rules football is the national sport of Australia. It was influenced by early forms of soccer and rugby and developed by cricketers. The AFL has the highest spectators of all sporting leagues in Australia and is played by over 100,000 people. Outside of Australia, it is also played in Canada, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa and the USA.

What is the AFL Mint?

AFL Mint is the only official marketplace to collect licensed AFL NFTs. AFL Mint is the place to collect exclusive AFL items that showcase the iconic moments, spectacular highlights, and champion players of Australian rules football.

AFL Mint allows you to own and trade officially licensed digital collectibles including past and present game and player highlights. You’ll be able to collect specific iconic highlights from games as video NFTs. 

Why did AFL Mint build on Flow?

“Flow is developer friendly, resource oriented and very flexible. Flow is also user friendly with lower gas fees and a very low energy consumption. Working with a sports league, we reached out to the NBA Top Shots team who were a big influence in the final decision to go with Flow. 

Flow is very user friendly, low transaction fees, more adaptable contracts and a budding NFT ecosystem. We also believe Flow to be the sports blockchain. Blocto is the most underrated wallet in web 3. Integrations are straight forward, set up for users is a 3-step process, we know our user base will find out just how good the experience is compared to whatever they have used elsewhere.  

The Flow community is unlike any other, very supportive and everyone we have spoken to has been so generous with their time and their insights.” -  Be Media team

Does AFL Mint plan to offer utility?

AFL Mint is planning to expand to deliver rewards and real-world experiences, via exclusive events and rewarding fans for game days, including ticket upgrades, hospitality, experiential zones and exclusive merchandise.

What is the AFL Mint Genesis Ball?

The AFL Mint Genesis ball NFT is an exclusive access pass that will unlock exclusive offers, promotions and utility across the AFL and Animoca networks. 

Every Genesis ball is unique with variations on the ball colours, stitching logo and AFL rules in handwritten script. This will be one of their rarest drops.

It can be obtained by participating in the AFL Mint community. 

The number of Genesis Balls is capped, and they will be given randomly to AFL Mint users who buy NFT drops. The number of balls available per drop will be disclosed at each drop. 

There is a lite paper here containing more information about the Genesis Ball.

Where is the AFL Mint community?

The AFL Mint community can be found on  FacebookInstagramTwitter or Discord


How to participate?

The first AFL Mint drop is the Ripper Skipper pack drop

Ripper Skipper celebrates the incredible leaders of our game, with all AFL club captains minted as NFTs. It’s a lucky dip of ripper skips, so you could get any Moment, from a Joel Selwood Deluxe to a Max Gawn Ovation. Plus, you also get the chance to score a coveted Genesis Ball, which comes with enhanced utility. These NFTs are more than portraits - they also include both video and audio of the captain in action.

The first drop will take place on their website on Wednesday 17th August (Allowlist) and Wednesday 24th August (Retail Launch). 

AFL Mint Trailer

Who created AFL Mint?

AFL Mint is made possible by a partnership between The Australian Football League (AFL) and Animoca Brands. Be Media by Animoca Brands is Animoca’s Australian operations engine. 

What crypto wallet and payment provider does AFL Mint use?

AFL Mint currently uses Blocto Wallet. Blocto is a next generation wallet allowing users to explore the crypto world hassle-free with a user-friendly interface. You can top up your Blocto wallet either via transferring crypto or through Moonpay.

Where can I buy or sell AFL NFTs?

You can buy AFL NFTs through pack sales on their official website. Each pack contains multiple NFTs and the experience is akin to how you would buy a pack of collectible cards. At the moment, there is no way to sell AFL NFTs until their marketplace launches in 2023.

How can I learn more about Flow Blockchain?

Flow Blockchain is quickly becoming the hub for Sports NFTs. AFL Mint has joined the NFL, NBA and UFC in building on top of Flow Blockchain instead of Solana or Ethereum. You can keep up to date with all Flow Blockchain information including tutorials, news and NFTs direct on the Flowverse website.


AFL Mint


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AFL Mint


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AFL Mint


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