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TheMasterPiece Sector 0
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Nov 30, 2021 12:00 AM


Nov 30, 2021




TheMasterPiece project is an 8K community piece of art composed of 33 177 600 pixels. Each pixel is an NFT storing a color and a position (X,Y) Pixels, divided in 1024 sectors, will be minted and distributed step by step, enabling a community of owners to contribute to TheMasterPiece and to join painting this picture through time. After a quarter of TheMasterPiece is distributed, a marketplace will be activated to authorize everyone to resell their pixels at any price. The marketplace is fully based on Flow smart contracts and is using the Flow token. This project will enable to generate an 8K, fully on chain, crypto piece of art, to purchase an NFT from F0.01 participating in its painting, to provide the liquidity of a Fungible Token market to a Non Fungible Token market, to represent a whole crypto market as a unique constantly evolving piece of art.

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