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Mint Moments 2023 : ROUNDS 5&6

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Mint Moments 2023 : ROUNDS 5&6
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Apr 28, 2023 4:00 PM


Apr 28, 2023




Drop mechanics

Serial numbers will be randomly assigned on opening of the pack. All packs will see serial numbers like this as an example 5, 97, 182, 32 and so on per pack.

Total Packs & Moments

A total of 350 packs will be released for each Mint Moments drop. There will be a pool of 1,630 moments for each Mint Moments drop which includes 2 rounds each from the 2023 AFL Premiership Season. Of those, 1,400 moments will be available to be minted, 200 moments (50 packs) for marketing and promotional purposes. 230 and any others remaining to be burnt or further promotion. Drop numbers are subject to change throughout Mint Moments 2023.


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