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Mar 11, 2022 5:00 AM


Mar 11, 2022




Auction This piece, Utopia, was created by Nigerian digital artist Zida Kalu to commemorate the historic NFT exhibition Paradise. Vault by CNN is proud to present it as a single edition for auction with 50% of the proceeds going directly to the artist. From the exhibition's curator, Abieyuwa: In celebration of women's history month, this exhibition aims to empower Black women artists and bring attention to gender inequality in the NFT space. Paradise is defined as the ideal place or state. However, the envisionment of paradise varies according to the viewer who is influenced by their own unique experiences, interests, and spirituality. The collaboration between imnotArt gallery in Chicago and artist collective The African NFT Community portrays 22 Black women artists' perspectives and visualizations of the word Paradise. From the artist, Zida Kalu: Utopia is a representation of paradise. Paradise has to do with delight and bliss. As someone who likes to work with colors, I ascribe colors to words. While creating this piece, I decided to work with abstraction and add a bit of structure to it. I worked mainly with the colors blue to represent bliss and yellow for happiness. I think of paradise as a place to be calm, free and where you can have a breath of fresh air. The silhouette of two bodies, walking sort of into the entire piece, represent human figures. They have made their way into utopia. A place where everything is perfect. Maybe an imagined place? Whatever it may be, it is paradise. The blue strokes brushed down towards the cave-like part of the piece, represent water streaming down and the bodies are being drawn into that cave. The cave is a portal that the figures are curious about, but who knows what is on the other side of utopia? Will they rest in their paradise or do they long for more?

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