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Tical Universe - Genesis NFT Drop

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Tical Universe - Genesis NFT Drop
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Nov 19, 2021 2:00 AM


Nov 19, 2021




The Genesis NFT drop represents the dawn of Method Man’s Tical Universe and the birth and introduction of the original Tical Universe heroes and villains. The origin of the Tical Universe starts with Hot Nikkel (Method Man) and his robotic partner Golden Boy, as the duo travel to a dark universe where they must battle demonic villains to save the world. Hot Nikkel must defeat powerful demons to earn passage to different dimensions within the Tical Universe in a race against time to save humanity. Each demon signifies one of the seven deadly sins. Hot Nikkel and Golden Boy must defeat each demon and conquer each dimension in order to acquire a special gem that is the key to the next dimension. Think Dante’s Inferno meets Marvel. Do Hot Nikkel and Golden Boy have the strength and wisdom needed to save humanity? Only time will tell... This rare Genesis NFT Collection includes only 360 limited edition NFTs for each of the original comic characters, including Method Man’s sidekick Golden Boy, plus the first three infamous villains Abomination, Cratter and Wrath. Each NFT will cost 12 Flow. There’s only one way to unlock the mythical Method Man Hot Nikkel NFT. You must first collect at least one NFT of Hot Nikkel’s robotic partner Golden Boy, plus at least one NFT of each of the first three villains from the Tical Universe, better known as Abomination, Cratter and Wrath. In other words, collect Golden Boy + Abomination + Cratter + Wrath and UNLOCK one rare Hot Nikkel. There are only 360 NFTs for each character, complete the circle with all four characters and earn the mythical Hot Nikkel.

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