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Refik Anadol's Quantum Memories

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Refik Anadol's Quantum Memories
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Sep 26, 2021 2:00 AM


Sep 26, 2021




On the occasion of Art Basel 2021, Refik Anadol will drop three single NFTs on Saturday, September 25 at 6 PM CEST, as a limited edition that will be exclusively available for 24 hours (USD 999,-) on Additionally, collectors who purchase all three NFTs will receive a physical copy of each edition, signed by the artist.The NFTs are part of his series QUANTUM MEMORIES: NOISE. In Physics, quantum noise refers to the noise of uncertainty arising from random fluctuations in a system. Tapping into these random fluctuations as a unique realm of possibilities and predictions, Refik Anadol’s QUANTUM MEMORIES: NOISE series uses Google Quantum AI’s most cutting-edge, publicly available quantum computation research data and algorithms to explore the possibility of a parallel world.

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