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Party Beers on Flow
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Mar 5, 2022 8:00 AM


Mar 5, 2022



The Beer drop is happening on the 4th of March, we are releasing a total of 4800 #Beers. There are 12 different labels - meaning there are 12 different beers, and there are 400 of each beer. 12 x 400 = 4800 Total. We are AIRDROPPING one Beer per GOOB, so we will Airdrop 3550 Beers to the community! If you own 10 GOOBz, you will receive 10 Random BEERS. The remaining Beers will be for sale at a price of 4.20 FLOW each. The Sets are possessing all 12 different Labeled beers. If you have 12 of the same beer, it doesn't count as a completed collection, you need 12 different beer LABELS. - For Example: Some sample beers will be a: GOOB Beer, Goat Beer, Flovatar Beer, etc.... Each beer can be Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary - this will be immediately noticeable on the Glowbehind the beer. The above is an Epic version of the Goat beer, as seen by the Purple Glow. So you could have 6 Rares, 4 Commons, and 2 Legendary, this is a mixed collection and qualifies for one Keg. If you have all 12 Rare Beers, you will get 2 Kegs. Every beer will provide 1% royalties to the first owner when traded on the Marketplace.

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