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MFL Club Drop
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Oct 13, 2022 7:00 AM


Oct 13, 2022



The first-ever batch of 756 MFL Club Licenses will be released in a one-of-a-kind drop. These assets will allow their holders to create a MFL Club NFT in the City and Division specified on the License, and, later, to manage it and enter competitions with it in our upcoming football management game. There are 3 packs to choose from: - The STARTER pack ($69.99) contains licenses for the Bronze and Iron Divisions - The PRO pack ($199.99) contains licenses for the Gold and Silver Divisions - The ELITE pack ($499.99) contains licenses for the Platinum Division and the Diamond League. This drop represents the first and last chance to take ownership of a higher-ranked club without going through the secondary market or climbing up the ranks. Future drops will only feature clubs eligible to play in the lowest division.

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