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Mar 25, 2022 5:00 AM


Mar 25, 2022




With over 900 releases under his belt, Roger Shah is without a doubt one of the most prolific DJ/producers. His label Magic Island Records has a deep and rich discography including all-time trance favorite 'Lost' (under his Sunlounger alias). The drop Roger Shah Presents Magic Island focuses on exclusive music from a variety of Roger's aliases, as well as top Magic Island brand talent such as Pierre Pienaar, Rafael Osmo, Yelow, and Noah Shah. You'll find a variety of tracks ranging from melodic techno and progressive house, all the way to uplifting trance - but all with distinct Balearic flavor. These artist and release cards feature exclusive content that emphasizes the lasting mark each of these musicians has made on trance. Buying a pack grants you access to content like new music and behind-the-scenes footage. As a rare treat, collectors who are fortunate enough to complete the full 'Magic Island Vol. 10' set will be treated to an exclusive rare 'VIP Access' card which will put them on a promo list to receive brand-new Magic Island releases through the rest of 2022!

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