Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 4

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Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 4
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Dec 16, 2022 12:00 AM


Dec 16, 2022



Build your ultimate Hot Wheels digital collection! Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 4 features high-octane castings across familiar themes. A few lucky buyers will open their packs to find something extra special – a Premium or NFTH card that will give them access to a physical car. The five die-cast editions in this series are produced in some of the lowest quantities we’ve ever made, with premium Spectraflame paint and Real Riders wheels. The more packs you buy, the better your chances of getting one of these amazing castings, so grab your packs while they last. 58.83% Basic Crypto-Collectible (Rarity: Common) 27.05% Epic Crypto-Collectible (Rarity: Uncommon) 9.47% Flame Crypto-Collectible (Rarity: Rare) 4.06% Premium Crypto-Collectible (Rarity: Super Rare) 0.51% NFTH Crypto-Collectible (Rarity: Ultra Rare) 0.08% Showroom Crypto-Collectible (Rarity: Exclusive) Price per pack: $25 All NFT images are 3D renderings. Final product may vary.

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