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Genesis Library Pass
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Apr 13, 2022 12:05 AM


Apr 13, 2022




Library Passes are no longer those ordinary pieces of plastic you have to bring to the library. Instead of library passes once used to sign out books, now you will have access utility to digital NFT eBooks. These membership NFTs can be used on the Published NFT platform; which will give the holder of the NFT full access to most all eBooks, magazines, articles, comics and more. Holders of the library pass will receive lifetime airdrops and VIP metaverse museum access. Users will be able to read and interact with any eBook or items from specific categories. If you own a Geneses Library Pass you will also have full VIP to all categories. Holders of the 10,000 limited edition Library Pass, gain access to: Early access to eBook releases Exclusive members-only airdrops Members-only book drops & VIP metaverse museum access 24 hour NFT submission review More library passes will be created in the future for specific category's Library Passes will have an optional API access setting, for example say a school, institution, agency, or university purchases a Geneses Library pass and because they have there eBooks on our platform, Published NFT can offer paid services to the Geneses Library Pass owners, with a specific number of API access feeds requested for example 30,000 student users who NFT access (Subscription NFT in wallet) for the schools account on the Published NFT platform. For example holding a subscription NFT in a students wallet will grant them access to the books they will need for classes threw out a semester.

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