Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Set 2

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Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Set 2
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Sep 9, 2022 2:00 AM


Sep 9, 2022



"Gamisodes Inspector Gadget NFT trading cards represent all the gadgets the Inspector uses in Season 1 of the original 1983 animated series. They are both traditional NFT cards and will unlock in-game benefits in the Gamisodes (gamified episodes) metaverse coming in 2023 (learn more at This is the first batch release for Set 2. Set 2 includes 38 total cards total. Just like buying IRL trading cards, Gamisodes Inspector Gadget cards are sold in mystery packs. Each pack of 5 cards includes (3) Common cards, (1) Uncommon card, and (1) Rare, Epic, or Legendary card. The rarer a gadget is in the show, the rarer the card. Gaining certain cards will unlock achievement rewards, IRL perks, and in-gamisode benefits. In the near future, Gamisodes will open a P2P marketplace for buying, selling, and trading cards. PRICING: Pack (5 cards) - $4.99 Box (10 packs, 50 cards) - $44.99 Mega-Box (20 packs, 100 cards) - $84.99"

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