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The Fright Club First Mint

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The Fright Club First Mint
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Jan 14, 2022 12:00 PM


Jan 14, 2022




Fright Club is an NFT platform for Horror fans created exclusively on Flow. Each drop features a short video clips that each tell a piece of a longer dark, twisted story. In addition, we’ve partnered with classic horror film icons to create their own NFTs featuring original 3D animated content, characters, storylines, and direction. Our first drop features NFTs from our brand ambassador actor Tony Moran, also known as β€œthe face” of the character Michael Myers from the legendary film Halloween (1978). Collecting our NFTs brings exclusive rewards to the community including: Access to exclusive horror content, future experiences, voting rights, limited edition signed merchandise, exclusive virtual and live events, a chance to meet your favorite horror film icons in person. Our first drop features 1625 packs of 3 NFTS per pack, available in 3 tiers, Common, Rare and Immortal. Omni (1000 packs) $13 / : Rare (500 Packs) $49 / : Immortal (125 packs) $149


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