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Afterfuture Generated Experiences
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May 13, 2023 12:00 AM


May 13, 2023




Welcome to Generated Experiences, a research facility founded on the principle that examining various artifacts may reveal hidden truths about our world and provide humanity with a path towards a future with an abundance of knowledge. Our primary objectives include creating natural habitats for the conservation of flora, exploring new life forms, and uncovering alternate realities parallel to our own.

So far, our discoveries encompass 28 artifacts, with approximately 5% successfully integrated with our 4UR4 artifact, enhancing our understanding of these alternate realities. However, none of these simulations have yielded information about previously unknown intelligent life forms. Due to the instability of the remaining artifacts, our SIM system and ongoing simulations experience glitches, necessitating further tests and refinements. We remain hopeful that our project's ultimate goal will be accomplished in the near future.

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