Socks by Flowverse

Designed by Jenny Jiang

What are Socks by Flowverse?

Socks by Flowverse are versatile NFTs that enable you to claim 1 limited edition pair of physical Flowverse Socks, shipped globally. The total number of Socks by Flowverse minted is 111.

Instructions on how to redeem will be published below in early 2022 and will involve a shipping + raw material cost.

The 🧦sock club🧦

Holding a Socks by Flowverse NFT grants you access to the 🧦sock club🧦 channel on the Flowverse Discord.

How can I get a pair of Socks by Flowverse?

Socks by Flowverse NFTs were distributed to select early adopters and big contributors to the Flowverse community.

Socks can now be purchased on the Rarible secondary marketplace. Always make sure the creator is the verified Flowverse account on Rarible (yellow tick mark) and be particularly diligent of fake/ scam listings.

What is the trading volume of Socks by Flowverse?

View the Flowverse rankings page here.

Who designed Socks by Flowverse?

These NFTs are created by Designer and 3D motion artist Jenny Jiang

She is a 3D artist and designer based in NYC. She graduated from Parsons school of design and is running a 3D design studio with clients including Apple Music, Sony Music, Baccarat and more.

Her work has been featured on various art, fashion and design media including Hypebae and Visual Atelier. Earlier this year she was also featured in the Paris Hilton collection on Opensea!

How to redeem for physical socks?

Hop into the Flowverse Discord, verify your socks in the #verify-nfts channel located under the WELCOME section and stay tuned for further announcements regarding redemption in the #sock-announcements channel. There will be a shipping + raw material cost. 

Each pair of socks will only be redeemable once for 1 limited edition pair of physical Flowverse Socks. Prior to purchasing in the secondary market it is advised to check if the socks have already been redeemed (see question below).

How can I tell if a sock has been redeemed?

None have been redeemed for Physical socks yet!!! Stay tuned 👀

Where can I find support and help?

You can find support and assistance by reaching out in our Discord channel.