July 6, 2022

Introducing Emerald City Shield

Emerald City announces Shield - a community-driven Flow Blockchain auditing service

Emerald City is excited to announce their latest initiative... Shield.


Shield is a community-driven auditing service run by the whole Emerald City community. As you all know, permissionless deployment launched yesterday, which means people can deploy their own smart contracts to Mainnet. This means the world of Flow is open to very malicious scams and bad actors who will try to steal your assets.

The goal of Shield is to better protect the community from scams. Emerald City will be reviewing smart contracts & transactions in an effort to provide all of you with a safer environment on Flow.

โ€Want to get code audited, or make sure it's safe? Ask away in the #โ”ƒshield channel in the Emerald City Discord.

โ€How can you get involved? If you're looking to help out, you can always be on the lookout in the #โ”ƒshield channel (link above). Emerald City will work together to review code there and make sure to keep each other safe. This is also a fantastic opportunity to better your Cadence skills.

โ€How can I protect myself from scams?

1. Ask the community in #โ”ƒshield about contracts or transactions you don't trust.

2. Join Emerald City's next Beginner Cadence Bootcamp, starting on July 11th. You will learn an introduction to Cadence, and it will massively help you in staying safe from scams because you will better understand the code. To join, go here: https://academy.ecdao.org/bootcamps/4

โ€Final Note

โ€Emerald City will be collaborating with Flowverse to add the Shield logo on all projects that we have audited and trust as a community.

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