September 3, 2021

Flowverse AMA: Versus

Versus is a curated NFT auction house with weekly drops on the Flow blockchain. Here’s our AMA with their team.

What is Versus? What is your longer-term vision for the project?

  • Versus is a curated NFT auction house with weekly drops on the Flow blockchain.
  • In the future Versus will have bigger and bigger auctions with renowned artists, we may also experiment with other drop formats in the future!

What makes your platform unique compared to other NFT marketplaces? Β 

  • One of the biggest differentiators for our platform is our auction system. In our auctions we place two sides against each other, the unique side and the edition side.
  • This system allows for more people with different budgets to participate in exciting auctions for great art!

Why did you build on Flow rather than ETH, BSC etc?

  • The Versus core team met in the Open World Builders bootcamp (which was hosted by Flow blockchain) and we instantly saw the potential of Flow to takeover some of the NFT market.

How do you see the NFT market shaping up in the coming years, and where do you see Flow and Versus positioning in this?

  • We think that Flow will play a major role in onboarding new users to crypto and NFTs through their line of Dapper products.
  • We think those users will then want to explore other areas of NFTs on Flow (the blockchain that onboarded them).
  • As Flow infrastructure becomes easier to use we only see more of the NFT market coming to Flow.

Any exciting news you’d like to announce here today?

  • We just recently launched our secondary marketplace! Here you can check out any of our past drops and buy any you missed.
  • We are also currently hosting a challenge to complete the full @BenMauroArt set of NFTs in order to receive a very rare reward NFT!
  • You can check out our marketplace at!


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