July 7, 2022

A Flow NFT History lesson – EVOLUTION

Many people know Ben Mauro for HUXLEY but before this he created a collection on Flow Blockchain called EVOLUTION

Time for a quick Flow NFT history lesson.

Many people know @BenMauroArt for his ETH based, @huxleysaga post apocalyptic universe but before this he created a collection on @flow_blockchain called EVOLUTION.

1/ First, a bit about @huxleysaga:

HUXLEYβ„’ aims to be the first Web3 franchise, and has done over 7k ETH total trading volume across it's Robot, Genesis and Comic collections on @opensea

Current floor prices (in ETH): Robot - 3.5 Genesis - 0.95 Comics - 0.08

2/ But before HUXLEYβ„’, there was EVOLUTION:

EVOLUTION is a limited edition collectible NFT Series by Ben Mauro.

The original 21 designs were created over 10 years and showcase possible creatures and fantastical alien lifeforms that could evolve throughout the galaxy

3/ They also showcase Ben Mauro's personal growth and evolution over a decade of creating.

This NFT drop (hosted on the first Flow general marketplace @VIV3com sold out in seven minutes, generating 2 million in sales and making it a top 10 Flow Blockchain NFT collection

4/ The current floor price of Ben Mauro NFTs on Flow is 4.99 FLOW, equivalent to ~8 offering an affordable entry point to the artist compared to his later Ethereum work

5/ EVOLUTION is also amongst one of the earliest NFTs on Flow having being released in March 2021

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