January 29, 2023

Why Doodles 2 came to Flow Blockchain and not another blockchain

Usability. Accessibility. Composability.

Here's why Doodles 2 came to Flow and not another blockchain (in our humble opinion).

On 19th Dec Doodles co-founder, Poopie, shared some insight in the Doodles Discord that will help us explain why Doodles 2 came to Flow.

He mentioned that the team had explored other chains and layer-2s over the past year to find the perfect home for Doodles 2

The team discussed with potential partners & prototyped to ensure they chose the blockchain that would give them a high degree of confidence to build a successful mainstream product that would last. 

Crucially, the decision boiled down to three main requirements…

These three requirements were:

1 - Usability 

2 - Accessibility 

3 - Composability

Usability, accessibility and composability. Source: Doodles discord

Let’s jump into each of these requirements ONE BY ONE and illustrate how Flow achieves these.. 

In doing so, we’ll outline why Doodles 2 came to Flow and not any other blockchain

First, usability.

If something has high usability it means it's easy to use, intuitive and easily learnable. 

On Flow it’s not hard to see how applications are highly usable.

From wallets like Dapper Wallet, to top sports digital collectibles such as NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and La Liga Golazos, to marketplaces like Gaia Marketplace, they’re all simple to use.

Beautiful. Elegant. Easy.

Even community built products like FLOAT are incredibly easy to use and have been adopted by many. FLOAT launched in 2022 and amassed over 400k users alone.

A 10 year old could understand how they work. And probably buy and sell NFTs.

Not that we’re advocating for that of course 😂

Now there’s a reason why these applications on Flow are easy to use and understand for non-crypto users. And that reason is the underlying protocol. 

Flow’s features make it possible.

Outside of the application layer, Flow is also user friendly for devs.

We’ve found that any decently competent web2 dev can get up to speed on Flow in just a couple of weeks.

Then build secure applications. And deploy on mainnet for the world to enjoy.

Next up is accessibility

According to Future, “Accessibility describes the general ability of a blockchain network to be used by a wide array of different entities in a frictionless way.”

They have a three-question framework for assessing accessibility. 

Applying this to Flow and it's clear the blockchain ticks all the boxes… exceptionally well.

Can you use it? ✅ Onboarding, ✅ wallets, ✅ fiat payments

Can you afford it? ✅ Transaction fees

Can you build on it? ✅ Tooling, ✅ Programming language

After all, Flow is integrated into both Instagram and Ticketmaster.

Instagram opens up NFTs on Flow to over 2b people around the world.

And finally, composability

In simple terms, if something is composable it means different parts can be combined together to create something new and more powerful…

Chris Dixon (partner at a16z) has previously said "Composability is to software as compounding interest is to finance."

Think of it like building with LEGOs. You can take different LEGOs blocks and put them together to make something new, like a car or a spaceship. 

Flow allows developers to take existing building blocks (smart contracts etc) and combine them together to create new, exciting apps

You can leverage other people’s smart contracts to achieve additional functionality and build fast. 

A cool way to illustrate this is Muttonia's contract browser which shows which contract uses other contracts. From this, you can see 1915 contracts depend on the NonFungibleToken contract.

The composability of top Flow contracts Source: ContractBrowser.com

And it’s not just building on top of other people’s contracts. You can also build on top of your own.

This allows projects like Flovatar to equip NFTs with other NFTs, and truly have a decentralized wearable experience.

By building on Flow, Doodles can leverage composability to the max. 

They can build uniquely personalized and endlessly customizable character NFTs just like the Doodles vision outlined. 

How does this compare to why other projects build on Flow?

As part of Flowverse, we hosted over 50 AMAs with different project founders, developers and leaders in 2022. All building on Flow.

A key question we always ask is:

Why did your project build on Flow compared to other blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, BSC and Polygon?

We took some of these responses as well as information on official app/project’s websites. Then analyzed it to determine the 5 most common reasons developers decided to build on Flow.

Here they are 👇

  1. User-friendly
  2. Low transaction fees
  3. Scalability
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Supportive community

The answers line up across different aspects of usability, accessibility and composability. 

Flow is the blockchain for the billions. 

Doodles wants to hit mainstream adoption. And Flow is the best chance it has.


Doodles 2 is on Flow due to the blockchain’s usability, accessibility and composability. 

LFG and WELCOME to the Flowverse 🚀

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