January 2, 2023

🔥 What we’re excited for in 2023 for Flow Blockchain

What we’re excited to see built on Flow in 2023

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Or, at least influence it.

In this article we break down what we’re excited to see built on Flow in the new year.

1. Dapper's new self-custody wallet

Dapper Self Custody is a non-custodial mobile wallet in BETA.

The demo during Flow’s first town hall was hype, and we are amped to see how this develops in 2023.

We are also looking forward to seeing smoother non-custodial transitions for mainstream users i.e. Custodial wallet (i.e. in-built into application, Dapper, Blocto) -> export NFT -> Non-custodial (Dapper Self Custody, Lilico, NuFi, Flipper)

2. Flow continues to progressively decentralize, whilst enabling mobile accessibility

Flow will continue to progressively decentralise.

In early 2023, there is scheduled to be permissionless access nodes with verification, collection and consensus nodes coming later on.

There is also an increased focus on mobile accessibility.

Mobile accounts for around 60% of web traffic worldwide. Yet most web3 and NFT applications are optimised specifically for desktop.

We’re optimistic Flow can start to change this in 2023 with the ultimate goal of bringing Web3 to every pocket.

Flow Town Hall December 2022 (youtube.com/watch?v=5xnswYBahq4)

3. Exciting partnerships with major brands and IPs across sports, media and gaming

NBA, NFL, UFC, La Liga, Olympics, Bundesliga, Ticketmaster, International Cricket Council, Warner Music, Mattel, Hot Wheels, Dr Seuss, Billboard, Instagram.

What do these have in common?

They’re all building on Flow.

Flow business development is outstanding.

In 2023, we’re excited to see even more sports brands launch on Flow (Flow has far and away become the sports blockchain).

We’re also excited to see if more major brand IPs across media and gaming launch on Flow.

4. Continued development of core primitives and fungible token liquidity for the community

Ethereum mainnet launched in 2015. Flow in 2020.

Flow’s a new blockchain.

As such, there are so many core primitives that still need to be built.

Just look at some of the most used applications on Ethereum to get a hint for what these could be.

Looking at fungible token liquidity, strides were made in 2022 with the launch of DeFi applications like Increment Finance. However, fungible token liquidity outside of the main tokens, Flow and stablecoins, could be higher.

This is something we’d like to see in 2023.

5. Simple and fun gaming experiences developed on Flow

In 2022, one of the biggest breakouts on Flow was Joyride Games.

Their two mobile games, Trickshot Blitz and Solitaire Blitz had, by far, the most transacting users on Flow. So many so, they were even in DappRadar’s top 5 blockchain games.

The secret sauce to both hits seems to be taking an already well-known gaming experience and adding player-to-player token mechanics.

Going forward this year, we believe that a single, simple, fun gaming application could significantly increase the number of daily active users on Flow overnight.

We want to see the equivalent of Wordle but on Flow (with NFTs) in 2023!

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