March 28, 2023

NuFi updates on Flow

Here's an update from the NuFi team on their developments on Flow

NuFi wallet

Hello, Flow family!

We (the NuFi wallet team 👋) have been working tirelessly to develop the Flow wallet you deserve – one that’s fully non-custodial, hardware wallet compatible and Dapp-ready, with an NFT gallery, staking, trading, and everything else you need.

Below we’ve shared our biggest updates from this year (like winning 1st and 3rd place in Flow Hackathon, adding support for .find names, better token management and NFT collections auto-discovered, Lilico wallet emulation, export Flow transaction history to csv, support for proof of account ownership – full list below) and we let you in on some groundbreaking news (hint: NFTs + hardware wallets).

Our winning entries from Flow Hackathon are below and we’re absolutely thrilled to have won. Our staking-powered fundraising platform Veles won 1st place in the ‘General Track’ category and we won 3rd place in ‘Walletless Onboarding’ for Social Login: an onboarding solution aimed at crypto beginners that lets users log in to a Dapp with a social account like Google and have a Web3 wallet created automatically for them without needing to write down a seed phrase or install anything. See it in action below. We’re adding Social Login to NuFi wallet in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us on Twitter here to know when it goes live.

Here’s what’s new in NuFi wallet:

1. Flow NFT collections are now autodiscovered thanks to a better NFT catalog; we’ve switched to a new provider – – to improve NFT management by autodiscovering all available collections ready to import.

2. Support for .find naming service

send Flow assets to a .find name (NuFi will resolve the address to make sure it’s correct). If you’re not familiar with .find, it’s your Flow blockchain profile and – aside from being a handy receiving address – it’s a place to list things for sale, accept payments, and share thoughts.


3. Lilico wallet emulation; connect to dApps that don’t support NuFi wallet but do support Lilico wallet thanks to a feature called Wallet Emulation. This lets NuFi connect in place of Lilico (by using its connection to the dApp) while Lilico extension is disabled. To do this, first go to Extensions > Manage extensions and disable Lilico extension (see image below), reload the page, then click Connect with Lilico. NuFi wallet will launch instead and you can connect your Flow account. This feature will greatly expand the reach of NuFi wallet and allow more users to navigate Flow in a non-custodial way.


4. Flow Dapp directory; we’ve added a Dapp directory with search tools to help you discover all kinds of Dapps on Flow. Log in to NuFi and click dApps on the left to get started, then connect to any Dapps that support NuFi or Lilico.

5. Integration of account ownership proving service; this is a significant achievement that will provide better operability within dApps on the Flow network. (

6. CSV export; export your Flow wallet’s transaction history (for dates you choose) to a csv file. This feature provides users with an easy way to manage and analyze their transactions and helps them track their activities on the Flow blockchain. Moreover, the CSV export feature can be particularly useful for tax reporting purposes.

7. Better support for new and most-used fungible tokens; more assets auto-discovered. Please contact us directly if we’re missing something and we’ll add it.

8. Finally, we’ve made multiple performance upgrades to ensure that NuFi wallet runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. These upgrades reduced lag and improved the user experience across the wallet.

We are excited about these developments and look forward to innovating more to keep our promise of offering Flow’s most complete non-custodial wallet.

Ready to try NuFi wallet? Install it here.

Flow Hackathon

At the start of March, we participated in Flow hackathon with 2 entries and – to our amazement – they both won prizes! We were delighted, and we’re incredibly grateful to the Hackathon’s organizers and judges. Thank you :)

Our staking-powered fundraising Dapp “Veles” won 1st place in the general category and it could transform fundraising on Flow. With Veles, investors can support a new project simply by staking $FLOW and letting the project claim the staking rewards on their behalf to use as funding. In return, investors get the project’s new token. The entire process is handled by a smart contract and there’s no application process or setup cost, making this style of fundraising (known as ISPO) fairer and more accessible than other ways to raise funds (like selling a token in an ICO).

Our second entry won 3rd place in Walletless Onboarding and it’s something special: a solution to help crypto beginners get started with Flow Dapps if they don’t have a crypto wallet. A user simply logs in with a social account like Google and has a non-custodial wallet created automatically for them with no seed phrase to write down and nothing to install.

We were so inspired by our Flow Hackathon entry that we kept building, and we’re adding Social Login to NuFi wallet in the coming weeks; crypto beginners will be able to log in to NuFi with a social account like Google and have a non-custodial Flow wallet created for them automatically. There’s no seed phrase to store because it’s the social account instead that represents the wallet’s private keys, and logging in (authenticating) fetches shards of a private key that’s reconstructed on the user’s device to unlock the wallet. Follow us on Twitter here to find out when Social Login goes live.

Exciting news: Soon you’ll be able to store Flow NFTs securely using a Ledger hardware wallet

The NuFi team is working with Ledger to bring Flow NFTs to Ledger hardware wallets. If you care about your collectibles, this is big news; at present you can’t store Flow NFTs securely in a hardware wallet – only fungible tokens can be stored using a Ledger – but this development will make it possible to store all Flow assets (NFTs and fungible tokens together) in the most secure way possible.

This development is already underway and will make Flow’s NFT collections instantly more accessible; some collectors only buy assets they can store in a hardware wallet and when Flow NFTs tick this box, we can expect security-minded collectors from other ecosystems to start taking notice. We look forward to sharing more updates soon via Twitter and in our Discord community.

Many thanks,

The NuFi Team

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