January 12, 2024

Introducing Flow Ordinals Inscriptions

Flow Ordinal Inscriptions is an experiment that enables you to directly store images and text on the Flow Blockchain.

Our inspiration comes from Bitcoin Ordinals, but the concept has been adapted for the Flow Blockchain ecosystem.

Our primary focus is to bring creativity (community can inscribe your own content) and the Inscriptions fun to Flow on-chain.

We've never had the ability for a user to create something directly on Flowverse before. Looking to the future, users can even create collections out of these inscriptions and we can list them on our marketplace! All we need is just the Inscription IDs/numbers.

This is our edition to the growing Inscription ecosystem on Flow consisting of:

Read on for our implementation of Ordinal Inscriptions ⬇️

Flow Ordinal Inscriptions are implemented as an on-chain resource, which allows for storing images and text directly on the blockchain. There is also additional metadata and we conform to flow NFT metadata standards so they are interoperable like normal NFTs. The main difference between Inscriptions on Flow is that the content is stored on-chain whereas generally the contents of an NFT is stored off-chain. Also the sequential and community nature, which we’ll get into below.

The term 'Ordinals' is borrowed from the world of mathematics, where it denotes position in a sequence. Here, it symbolizes each NFT's unique place in the Flow blockchain's history.

While 'Ordinals' in our context relates to sequence and uniqueness, it's important to note that it doesn't encompass the full scope of mathematical ordinal theory, which is a more complex and abstract concept. Our implementation is different to Bitcoin.

In the implementation on Flow blockchain, each 'Ordinal' represents a unique identity and position for NFTs, akin to a serial number that marks its place in the chain's timeline. Starting at Ordinal 1, Ordinal 2, Ordinal 3 and so on...

You can inscribe here: https://nft.flowverse.co/ordinals/create

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