August 5, 2022

How to use the CAST voting tool

CAST is a voting platform for token communities built by Dapper Collectives. Flowverse hosted Dapper Collectives for a product demo of their CAST voting tool.

Flowverse recently hosted Dapper Collectives for a video demo of their new Flow Blockchain DAO voting tool, CAST.

About CAST:

The CAST Voting tool is now LIVE in public beta.

Participation can be so much more than likes or comments. Dapper Collectives recently launched the public beta of CAST, a voting tool for token communities on the Flow blockchain.

CAST is for teams looking to harness the power of participation. DAOs, web3 teams, and communities can use CAST to make decisions together. Any Flow-based token or NFT can be used to grant access to a vote.

CAST offers fast, flexible off-chain voting for communities building on Flow. Teams use CAST to make important decisions, vote on governance proposals, and capture collective sentiment. Member participation drives community success. CAST is a community engagement tool that increases member engagement and investment, which creates more vibrant, successful communities.

If you're a community member or project wanting to create a community, you can check out the tool here:

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