February 20, 2023

Buy Flow history with FLOW

You can now buy Hoodlums, the first PFP project ever launched on Flow, with FLOW on Flowverse NFT

Hoodlums were the first generative PFP ever launched on Flow.

We just integrated them into Flowverse NFT.

Here’s why you should care about this project.

Flowverse NFT featuring Hoodlums

What are Hoodlums?

Hoodlums is an NFT collection of 5000 uniquely generated characters.

The artwork is by artist somehoodlum.

Their launch date of Sep 28, 2021 makes them the first PFP on Flow.

They sold out for $123.45 per Hoodlum.

Does being first matter?

Being the first PFP on Flow may make Hoodlums historically valuable given demand for NFTs can have a historical aspect.

As R. Selkis said in Messari's 2022 report: "CryptoPunks are valuable simply because they represent the first PFPs to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain".

The Art

As a generative PFP, each of the 5000 Hoodlums is unique with characteristic traits.

The traits reflect trends seen on social media, at music festivals and in vintage stores around the world.

Some rare Hoodlums transcended into the embodiment of these trends.

Amongst the 5000 Hoodlums, there are 10 extremely rare, one-of-one Hoodlums.

Outside of these Lums, the rarest Hoodlums have Alien skin traits (only 33 in the whole collection).

The 14 rarest Hoodlums including 10 one-of-ones and 4 Alien skin traits

The Artist

@somehoodlum is an artist & animator who combines youth culture and humor through pop art He has worked with brands incl. Amazon, Beats, Refinery 29, TBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Golden Voice, Super Deluxe, Snapchat, and many others.

He has also collaborated with Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, 21 Savage, Schoolboy Q, Rolling Loud Music Festival, BMG, and Atlantic Records.


Prior Hoodlums utility included a Lumstruments airdrop, VIP upgrades, meetups, parties, and weekly access to some of the entertainment industry's most in-demand events. They also have a residency in Las Vegas.

It is currently unknown to us if there will be future utility.

So what can you do now after buying a Hoodlums NFT?

1. Set your Hoodlums NFT as your PFP on Twitter

2. Share your digital collectible on Instagram

3. Join their Discord server

4. Follow and tune into their community-built Twitter Spaces live show: @HangwithLums.

You can now BUY AND SELL your Hoodlums on Flowverse NFT with FLOW

If you’ve already listed on another marketplace like Flowty or Sturdy Exchange, don’t worry as you can list on multiple simultaneously!

List your Hoodlum

We also published our first-ever Flowverse deep dive report. This covers Hoodlums extensively and is exclusive for Mystery Pass holders. To access the report verify your Mystery Pass NFT in our Discord. Then view our #mystery-content channel.


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