October 2, 2022

Flowverse Deep Dive: Cryptoys

Cryptoys is one of the most widely anticipated companies to build on the Flow Blockchain and a Flowverse sock holder favourite 🧦. They’re a digital toy company with NFTs underpinning the technology behind their digital collectibles.

1/ Cryptoys is one of the most widely anticipated companies to build on the @flow_blockchain and a @flowverse_ sock holder favourite 🧦

They’re a digital toy company with NFTs underpinning the technology behind their digital collectibles.


2/ Everything Cryptoys does will be centered around 3 pillars:

🧸 Toys

🕹️ Gaming

🎉 Entertainment

3/ This starts with an incredible unboxing experience with Cryptoys Cubes.

Their goal is to have the best unboxing experience on the web.

The experience will be interactive, tactile, exciting and when the Cubes line up newly minted Cryptoys will be revealed!


4/ Once revealed, users can choose to take it out of the packaging or leave it pristine in the packaging just like a physical toy collector may do.

Note: There may be benefits to keep it in the packaging 📦

5/ After minting your Cryptoy, you can share it via socials and also immediately take your new friend out to play on their interactive test drive environment called The Block.

Users will have full control of their Cryptoy i.e. you can jump, move it + sound effects 🔊

6/ Then comes the Cryptoys Backpack - a custodial wallet. It will house your Cryptoys and Cubes.

In Q1 2023, a non-custodial wallet option will be added, allowing users to export their private keys and move their Cryptoys off the platform to be traded on secondary marketplaces

7/ Genesis Hero Series - upcoming NFT series ⚡

Cryptoys will release this progressively but here is some info on supply, traits, rarity:

⭐ 3 character breeds
⭐ 7 rarity level skins
⭐ 21 collectible skins
⭐ 10k quantity per breed
⭐ 30k total Genesis 1 editions


8/ Tiers

There will be 3 tiers: Adventures, Elites, and the Hero. Each tier will represent different power levels, each with its own benefits.

🥉 Adventurers: base level, affordable
🥈 Elite: mid-level, mid price point
🥇 Hero: cream of the crop, highest price point


9/ Rarity levels

Cryptoys have 7 rarities, with unique collectible skins for each character in varying quantities ✨

- Common
- Uncommon
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary
- Grail
- Ultra Grail

10/ Power levels

Each Cryptoy has a Stat-O-Meter power level next to it, influenced by tier and rarity skin factors.

Heroes start with a pretty decent Stat-O-Meter and can increase this by doing certain actions.

Adventures and Elites start at a lower level & will have a cap


11/ Masters of The Universe (MOTU)

The team also revealed the first wave of officially licensed Cryptoy characters i.e. He-Man, Tri-Klops, Battle Cat & Evil-Lyn, which will be fully interactive and each will have a multitude of variants!


12/ Note: There will be more officially licensed brands onboarding to Cryptoys - the team has signed an NDA so can’t reveal more yet 👀

13/ Castle Grayskull 🏰

They also revealed Castle Grayskull (a playset/special edition NFT) - an iconic part of the MOTU lore.

This will allow you to take your MOTU Cryptoys and run into this playset!

14/ Team and funding 💰

The team is now over 50 people (led by @willweinraub) and they’ve raised $23m from some notable investors


15/ So what’s coming next for Cryptoys?

1. Collector Experience
2. Mini-games
3. Marketplace

16/ Future Collector Experience

✅Collector patches: awarded to celebrate important collector moments e.g. buying your first cube

✅Golden Ticket: every max mint (5 cubes per txn) earns priority access for 2022 drops and a Golden Ticket for early access to future drops 🎫

17/ continued...

✅Collector Titles: awarded as you expand your collection across rarity skins for each series and unlock special access to exclusive drops, experiences, and benefits

✅Title progression: Every 3 rarity skins you collect will earn an elevated Collector Title

18/ Note: To complete the Cryptoys genesis series and earn a Grand Master title, you must collect all 18 common, uncommon, epic, rare, legendary, and grail skins.

Ultra Grails, 1:1 in the series, are not required to complete the series collection

19/ Mini-games 🎮

Several family-friendly casual styled games are also coming soon.

The team is also building an internal SDK that will allow partners to build on top of the platform.

The aim is to bring fresh new experiences for users and their Cryptoys! 🔥

20/ A custom marketplace is also in development and will launch after the first few NFT series.

Once non-custodial rolls out, you can take your Cryptoys to other secondary marketplaces supporting Flow 🌊

21/ Roadmap

Phase 1 ⚡

- Cryptoys Classics airdropped to early supporters ✅
- Origin story trailer revealed ✅
- Genesis Line of Cryptoys release (30,000 1st edition Heroes)
- The Block launch
- Collector Experience reveal
- First Mattel Cryptoys drop (MOTU Heroes)


22/ Roadmap

Phase 2 ⚡

- Initial mini games launch
- Binary dust utility token $BD launch
- 3rd party marketplace live
- Native marketplace live
- Staking functionality live


23/ Roadmap

Phase 3 ⚡

- Items and accessories launch
- Skill Gems (power-ups) launch
- NLP and AI functionality live – users can converse and chat with your Cryptoys! 🤖
- Companion App launch


24/ Roadmap

Phase 4 ⚡

- Cryptoys animated series launch, talking to people in Hollywood 👀
- Playsets launch
- Pocket Dimensions launch: your own play area in the Cryptoyverse!
- Crafting launch: take multiple items and create things

25/ Why did they build on Flow?

✅ Most user-friendly experience the web
✅ Trusted by big brands e.g. NBA, UFC, NFL, Ticketmaster, Warner Music, etc.
✅ Low txn fees
✅ Onboarding process is easy – pay with credit/debit card 💳
✅ Eco-friendly 🌿🌍🌊


26/ Day 1 details 📝

- Price: $39.99 + 5% txn fee (for credit card)
- US Collectors: Can pay with credit card or crypto (BTC, ETH, USDC, mUSDC, DAI, USDT)
- International collectors: Can pay with crypto only

27/ What can you do on Day 1? ☀️

- Join Cryptoys drops
- Play a mini-game while you wait in queue
- Purchase up to 5 Cryptoys Cubes per txn
- Cubes will appear in your Backpack
- Unbox your Cube (or keep in pristine condition)
- Unwrap your toy (or keep it in its blister pack)

28/ continued...

- Take your toy for a spin around The Block
- See your toy’s Stat-o-Meter score and attributes
- Begin building your Cryptoys Collection!

29/ How to participate in Cryptoys drops? 💻

1. Create an account at cryptoys.com
2. Join queue – will be notified via e-mail
3. Wait & play – assigned a random place in queue
4. Checkout – Get up to 5 cubes and pay with your debit/credit card or crypto

30/ Few things to keep in mind 💭

- Email and username will be permanent upon signup
- Do not pre-load your wallet with crypto until drop dates are closer
- Any issues, contact the team via http://support.cryptoys.com

31/ Video link to onboarding session 👇



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