March 13, 2023

Category Overview: Digital Fashion on Flow blockchain

The top digital fashion projects on Flow Blockchain

🧦 Digital Fashion on Flow

The digital fashion industry was valued at $120m in 2021.

It's expected to grow at 96% YoY to hit $6.8b by 2027.

Today we’re looking at the leading digital fashion projects on Flow Blockchain.

  • Doodles 2 Wearables: Doodles 2 will let anyone create personalized and customizable characters. These characters can wear Wearable NFTs like socks, shorts, sweaters, sunglasses and more a.k.a. digital fashion for your Doodles 2
  • Genies: Genies is a digital avatar company on Flow. It enables people to create avatars, and then buy digital fashion to equip to their avatars. They have already launched digital fashion items with Paris Hilton and other well-known celebrities.
  • The Fabricant: The Fabricant is the world’s first digital-only fashion house. They're OGs having partnered with Dapper in 2019 to create the first-ever NFT dress. They 3D model digital clothing and accessories, which can be worn as AR overlays in the real world or in VR.
  • The Football Club: The Football Club is an NFT-based fantasy football manager app. In the app, players can collect licensed NFT fashion items for their 3D Avatar.
  • Flovatar: In a similar vein to Doodles 2, you can buy and sell Flobit NFTs. Some Flobits comprise of digital fashion items for your Flovatar to wear.
  • Flowverse Socks: Flowverse Socks are NFT Socks beautifully designed by Jenny Jiang. Owning a Sock means you’re part of the OG community of 111 Flow Blockchain NFT collectors, creators and builders. Plus you can get corresponding physical Flowverse Socks.

Combined these projects have recorded >$5m sales on Flow.

This means they have some way to go to catch-up to the sales seen in sports projects that Flow is known for. However, the digital fashion for avatars theme is strong. It opens projects up for many traditional brand collaborations, which may eventually scale to millions of people around the world.

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