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August 2022



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Provineer is built to give all creatives the ability to authenticate the provenance of their work, anytime, anywhere, whether they share, sell or post it online.

Using the immutability of Flow blockchain and the ease of drag and drop, each Provineer asset is bundled with its working files, creating a transparent and verifiable workflow, authenticating the asset and tying it to the user via recorded metadata and e-signature.

Users can add additional versions to each asset, like a link in a chain, growing larger and more secure in the process. Think first, second and third drafts that come together to create a novel. 

Each Provineer asset is backed by a unique digital hash and live e-certificate which can be used for IRL and URL assets, linking back to the blockchain asset for easy verification.

Whether you are a designer looking to authenticate the provenance of your work for your audience, record and store the precise workflow files used to create an asset, communicate your design process for full transparency, protect your work before sharing, selling or posting online or simply recording it for posterity and later access, Provineer is built to handle all of the above. 

Current milestones: partnership with Flow blockchain, raising seed round via Flow Ecosystem Fund, MVP live on testnet, dev team in place, trademarks registering, self-funded and set to launch September 2022 with additional features in 2023. 


Adam Andrascik / Co-Founder and CEO:
American born, internationally trained Creative Director with over a decade of leadership and design experience beginning in luxury design as head of eponymous London-based cult brand and Creative Director of French luxury brand Guy Laroche overseeing strategic vision, product development and marketing. The digital acceleration of all creative industries by Covid-19 had a profound impact his way of working and vision of the future and he made a conscious decision to pivot into digital product and experience design as he believes the way to affect positive social, cultural and economic change is by getting new technology into the hands of the wider public as quickly and seamlessly as possible. With this in mind Adam co-founded SHOWstudio’s Class of 2020 / 21, a digital graduate platform created with image maker and Kanye West collaborator Nick Knight with support from Vogue to increase the reach of all creative graduate work as a reaction to the cancelling of all degree shows by Covid. Adam joined Ravensbourne University and launched Rave Digital in partnership with Amazon’s Twitch, the first digital fashion x gaming collaboration presented on the platform, to up-skill students in digital technologies and presented them via a livestream broadcast to +165K viewers. Adam went on to found the first digital fashion course in the UK,  The Digital Technology for Fashion Pathway, to prepare students for the Metaverse alongside industry partners such as Accenture, Burberry, RSTLSS by Charlie Cohen and Yahoo’s RYOT Labs. In May of 2021, Adam co-founded and launched Provineer alongside Google Cloud and Datatonic developers / designers Tayo Onabule and Charlie George - Baker with the sole mission to create a tool for the next generation of creatives to claim, authenticate and protect a users work before they sell, share or post it online. 

Tayo Onabule / Co - Founder and CTO:

UK born and educated, Tayo has over 8 years experience in UX/UI and product design, development and team management - from building full stack digital products to maintaining sites with +30 million active monthly users for Android Authority and digital companies such as Google Cloud, Datatonic and Ometria. Alongside his development and management experience, Tayo is a 2 time D&AD New Blood award winning designer. This combination of skill, aesthetic excellence and professional understanding make him able to successfully realise and manage all stages of project development for user oriented applications with a focus on increasing and capitalising on customer acquisition. As CTO of Provineer, Tayo will continue to lead on all development timelines and technical procurement through the beta and V1 development phase end-to-end and will continue working closely with the Dapper Labs Partnership team to ensure all smart contracts function as safely and efficiently as possible prior to Mainnet deployment. 

Charlie George-Baker / Co - Founder and CDO:

UK born and trained, Charlie is a 2 time 2019 D&AD New Blood award winning designer with over 8 years experience in experience design, branding and digital marketing for companies such as Facebook, Google Cloud and PepsiCo to Barclays, Coors and Android Authority. As CDO of Provineer, Charlie will oversee all creative direction and digital content creation, from mapping user journeys and crafting wireframes to designing interfaces that are friendly, inviting and easy to use. With his acute attention to detail and an innate talent at streamlining complex workflows Charlie will oversee all design and innovation aspects from product design, information architecture, graphic and interface design with a focus on refining the Provineer UI from beta to V1 for a successful and sustained user experience.




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